It’s tradition damn it!


Actual conversation on Wednesday morning as I left the house for work.

Mrs  “Honey are you going to the grocery store today?

Mr  “Yep, I have to pick up a couple of things, what do you need?”

Mrs  ” Cranberries, and oranges, please.”

Mr  “Are you making that salad that no one eats?”

Mrs  “Yes. It’s tradition”

Mr  “Consider it done.”

Several hours later I get home.  My Sweet Husband has baked the teensy walnut/faux pecan pies. They are made out of walnuts this year because some friends gave us a poopload of walnuts and we wanted them out of the freezer so we could make room– for more gin. 

I jump into my cranberry orange relish recipe while he is man handling a giant hubbard blue squash.  I divide my relish into two bowls, one to take, one to stay home.  Sweet Husband has a recipe for the squash that I am suspicious of from the very beginning.  It’s a baked, fluffy squashy thing with pasta and spinach.  My nose is all wrinkly as I write this.  Um, I didn’t like it but Sweet Daughter did.  After a few tastes tests we decide not to take the squash with us as we head out to the relatives for T-day dinner. 

The sleigh is festooned and packed and we’re headed off to grandma’s house.  Sweet Daughter spends Thanksgiving with her mom and moms family and she liked the squash so we packed some up for her.  We hug goodbye with a couple I love yous thrown in  and we ease on down the road. 

We arrive in time to watch the Seahawks play tiddly winks and when that debacle is over, it’s now time to eat.  Stuffed to our ever lovin gills many of us waddle over to try our hand at poker.  It’s a $5 buy in and stretch out our play time and my sweet husband takes home the winning pot and you know what that means.  I WON I WON!!

As the day is winding down we head back to the sleigh to make our way home.  We’re in the house in a flash and rush to put our sweats on, so we can relax before heading off to bed.  The day has been good, lots of great food fun and laughter.  Just before bed I open the refrigerator to put a bottle of wine away and what do I see?  Four bowls of food.  Two of squash and two of cranberry orange relish.  Neither got to their assigned destination.  Ah leftovers!

8 thoughts on “It’s tradition damn it!

  1. This makes me laugh because every year either my mother or mother-in-law makes some sort of cranberry dish and no one touches it! But they make it every single year without fail. And I am sure I will carry on the tradition when I make my own Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

  2. Glad you all had a good time, totally forgot the cranberry dish this year. I’ll do two next time around. New rule when living in an RV, cook Cornish Game Hen, it fits in oven.

  3. Other than the Seahawks, does anybody actually PLAY tiddly winks anymore? My kids didn’t even know what it was…

    Oh…and I’ve called upon you to do your duty and help VE in his time of need. Hop on over to the blog. The gnomes will be waiting…

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