Wow, already, but without snow!


It seems like yesterday that I wrote about Thanksgiving and now today is Christmas tree day.  Who would think, that 3 people would have  schedules like an executioner during the Spanish Inquisition, except without all the death and torture. We are busy folks!  Sweet Husband has adorned the house and outside tree with lights and we are all festive for the drive-by public, but the inside house looks regular and oh so November.  Sweet husband is busy at work, I’ve been working in stores making stuff for our good customers to buy and Sweet Daughter is juggling college, work and as much fun as she can get into.

Once we are all done with work today we will head out to the woods drive 6 blocks to Rosies Xmas tree lot chop down a tree watch the tree dude cuts 2 inches off the trunk  drag it back to the car and tie it on top put it in the back of the truck make our way home through 3 feet of snow stop at the liquor store for peppermint schnapps.  It  should be fun.

We LOVE this time of year.  Bringing out the ornaments each year is like greeting an old friend you haven’t seen in um, about a year.  We generally have  the tolerable Christmas tunes playing  and this year dinner tonight will be Chicken enchiladas, easy fixins, already done and ready for the oven.

When we are finished decorating it looks like somebody barfed Christmas all over the house, which is way better than cat vomit and easier on the stomach to clean up.

8 thoughts on “Wow, already, but without snow!

  1. I got out of putting up a tree this year because I know the doxie would cause more trouble than it’s worth. There is always next year, and besides, we won’t be home for xmas.

    On the outdoor decorating, I think my priorities are slipping. Faced with 75 assorted tulip bulbs and a huge box of xmas lites, I ended up planting the bulbs. If it doesn’t snow tomorrow then it’s full steam ahead for the lights!

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