I’m waiting!




Notice that pretty picture below of the house decked out in boughs of green and red lights? Notice the snow wafting lazily across the screen.  You are looking at my house right now…no RIGHT NOW, not on the screen, LIVE.  It looks like that right now, except the lights are off and its daylight. Even the snow is falling lazily, like on the blog.  But the snow, and the house pretty much look the same.  The weather in the NW, has been unusually cold, as in we don’t usually get this cold.  Can you say a high of 21 degrees? Generally when we get cold, we get no moisture, when we get moisture, we have no cold.  Well that changed about a week ago and we are having a full fledge, redo-the-city-budget-and-buy-snow plows sort of winter.  Frankly I couldn’t be happier.  I have a job where I can work from home and I’m getting lots done.  Um, I’m at lunch right now.

We actually buy wood for our wood stove for the few times that we do get cold.  Sweet Husband bought half a cord awhile back and we are about a third of the way through that.  When the wood was delivered, he was busy stacking and sorting it while I made up some inside the house duty that I had to fulfill. He is so sweet.  My perfect Sunday is having a fire, watching the Seahawks lose, while I’m curled up on the couch with a book. 

Our cats love a fire, and we now we have to be judicious with our fire wood.  What is it with cats and heat?  Are they part reptile?  Our cats would lay on the metal of the stove if we would let them.  But I hate the smell of burnt cat flesh, so off they stay.  These goofy girls will get so hot they can’t fully stand up to move and crawl on their fat bellies to a cooler place.  But that doesn’t last for long, pretty soon, they are back  near the fire, but warming the other side now.

But we’re not the only ones getting the white stuff.  Check out the Vegas Princess  who knew they could get more snow than us. 

Be safe, be warm.

5 thoughts on “I’m waiting!

  1. It snowed this morning and well past lunch. It is clearing here and starting to freeze. Which means we leave early. woo and hoo. How so you make it snow on your blog?

  2. Our snow has melted away although there’s a lot of the stuff at the very top of the mountain. I want it to snow AGAIN! It just wouldn’t be right not making a snowman before the end of the year.

  3. Ah, glad you’re enjoying the day indoors with warm kitties. One of mine insists on laying directly on top of my husband’s new and expensive audio receiver thingy. A thingy that’s not supposed to have cat hair and kitty litter bits in it. But the cat loves it because it’s nice and warm. I guess we’ll know the damage he did when we don’t get any sound.

    Enjoy the snow!!!

  4. Yay I got linked! I still can’t believe all the snow we got. It is almost all gone but it stuck around being miserable for a few days. I thought it would be gone by morning.

    The thing I miss most about New England in the winter is a good log fire. We don’t have those here in Vegas.

    I can’t get over how surreal your blog is with the tropical banner and the snowflakes falling. How cool!

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