All I can say, is WOW!



When I was a very young girl, the two sisters that are closest to me in age and I would have our occasional disagreements.  Sides were taken and it was always two sisters against one.  As I think about it now, there was never a neutral party, I guess we hadn’t pick up on the finer points of  Switzerland yet.  I don’t recall the arguments, they were probably inane and petty like most disagreements, but as sisters, fighting was our call to duty.   Besides, I’m sure it drove our mother nuts and who were we cause a parent rest?  On the rarest of occasion there would be a physical altercation.  There were seldom broken bones or bloodshed, and maybe I’ve blacked out those dark moments, because I don’t recall the fights themselves.  And I have no permanent scars, that show.

As we got older and were in high school we all had jobs and with that came spending money and the fights were less frequent.  I remember Christmas times we would “go to town” and wander in and out of the many stores looking for that perfect present.  None of us had a ton of money then, but we wanted the best bargain that we could find.  In our little town there were Christmas cash drawings to promote buying in town.  As I recall tickets were issued for a drawing through out the week and on Saturday morning all the town folks  would gather in the bank parking lot.  Which is appropriate don’t you think?   We would all stand around in the cold and watch Santa hand out candy canes to the little kids while we bigger kids teetered on the brink of  I-want-one-too and  ‘cool ambivelence’.    I think it was the AM radio stationed that sponsored this event along with the Chamber of Commerce.  They were jump starting the economy before it was cool.

I don’t know if any of us won, but we went shopping anyway.  I had two favorite stores, Sheri’s Hallmark and the Ace Hardware store.  I could always find something neat in either one.  Well they were neat to me.  The key to shopping was also avoiding the other people  that you were shopping for, that town just wasn’t very big. 

Just as I don’t remember what I gave, I don’t recall what I was presented with.  Except for the year my dad bought us girls garters.  That must have been a truck stop shopping experience.  He was always on the road working and I don’t think it was a bad thing he gave us garters, after all it really was the thought that counted.  I know I still have them somewhere….sadly they’ve never been used.  Kept yes, used no.

Christmas gifts come and go.  As I’ve gotten older the giving has become way more fun.  Don’t start looking for those receipts folks, I still like the getting part, but for me it’s finding that perfect thing and making a huge surprise. 

Speaking of SURPRISES! 

We are but a few days away from Christmas and for the first time with my Sweet Husband and Daughter we will have a White Christmas.  I don’t even know why that matters, but it’s the Currier and Ives way.  This same snow that makes me happy is annoying about 900,000 people trying to get somewhere else.  I am content, as I am not going anywhere and the snow continues to come to us.  For a city that shuts down with an inch of snowfall, this foot of snow befuddles many folks.  Yes you read that right a foot of snow, in Seattle, at my house.  YIPPEEEE, I love it.  We have been on so many walks that we’ll be in shape by spring.  I love the quiet of snow, but the first walk out was a hard outer crust with a soft snowy middle.  It wasn’t as quiet, but the next snow storm brought the additional 6 inches that is covering everything quite well.  Here is a picture to ponder, a picture which pushes out of my mind the summer nights sitting on the patio sipping wine.  Ah soon enough, I guess. 


6 thoughts on “All I can say, is WOW!

  1. I remember the ‘garter’ Christmas. I got blue ones and it came in handy on my first wedding. It hung off the mirror of our car for the longest time, ah tradition.

  2. Enjoy it while it’s here. Ours melted days ago and it actually got “hot” again! (54-63F). It’s supposed to turn cold and snowy again on Christmas day.

    Crossing fingers!

    Mele Kalikimaka e Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

  3. That picture is amazing. I love reading about your Christmas memories. I think back to when I was a kid and remember shopping seemed so much easier then. And I definitely get more out of giving than receiving. I love to see people’s faces when I get a gift just right.

  4. The house is beautiful. I was explaining to one of my co-workers that you are very close to Lake Washington. My best Christmas memory is getting my first bike. We were living in EverGreen trailer park in Boise and Richard and I got up about 3 am and saw the bikes. Mom made us go back to bed. We rode the bikes all day until we dropped from exhaustion.

  5. Beautiful pictures Carla, we are watching about Seattle and Portland in the national news, what to do with all that snow! We had 3″ here but it is all gone now so doesn’t look like it is going to be a white Christmas.

    The first Christmas present I remember getting is a slinky. Jeff and I found the xmas stash upstairs in a closet…everytime mom and dad were gone, which was quite a bit, we would get them out and play with them, they were well worn before Christmas morning.

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