We’re ok, thanks for asking.



Listed below are a few of the headlines from the online Seattle PI.  Good thing I didn’t have anywhere to go.  We really are cut off, all the passes from east to west are closed due to avalances.  And Interstate 5, north and south is closed in many places due to flooding.  I liked the snow better.



Flooding could close I-5 for several days

While the rains tapered off, many Western Washington rivers were still spewing over their banks at record levels Thursday, flooding homes and causing a traffic nightmare on major freeways. WSDOT says it could be three days before I-5 reopens.
Update · 11:14 a.m.

Flood photo galleries: Wednesday | Thursday New
Landslide buries part of Rainier Avenue Update
Stranded travelers at loose ends in Centralia New
At least 30,000 forced to flee heavy rains and flooding
List of Red Cross emergency shelters
Amtrak cancels Seattle-Portland route, Horizon adds flights Update
Highway conditions




6 thoughts on “We’re ok, thanks for asking.

  1. Yikes! No wonder I haven’t heard from my sister. Not even an internet holiday greeting! Today the sun finally came out and the temps went from 30 to 40 just like that. Everything is melting but I’m betting that it ain’t over yet. Ah well, at least we’re stocked up on bottled water and buttwipe to last for a couple o’ weeks!

  2. P.S. I better stock up on cheese too…just in case the situation calls for another fondue fiesta! 😉

    Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

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