Problem Solved


This morning, over coffee and the  promise of an unfettered schedule , I have been painfully going through the list of things I could post about.  And folks, there just ain’t enough time in the day to captivate your imaginations with what has been going on in my life. For you, my friends, I’m going to have to quit my job, move to a warm sunny secluded cave  island  simply to dedicate myself to the amount of time it is going to take to catch you all up on my life.  Why?  Because I know that you crave the blog worthy-ness of my personal situation and how I share each minute detail.  

I could go on and on how January is the ssllllooooowwwwesssstttt month in the grocery industry, but you may already be aware of the same time frame in your various industries as well.  January to me has always been the month that time forgot, or better yet, doubled.   Generally speaking January has approximately 12 days to each work week, all lasting a good 36 to 48 hours.  January is the equivalent of watching the clock at work .  Where  one waits, time card in hand, hovering over the slot where once inserted, will punch it’s permission for the daily dismissal.  I dread the tomb like aura of January after the frantic pace of the holiday season and the busy-ness it brings.

  However this year, January has decided to catapult itself directly to the middle of the month and slow down now, on the 24th.  I have been so immensely busy with work that the days have flown by at lightening speed.  January slowness angst? Problem solved.

San Francisco 09

Another dread of January is the weather.  Yes, like the rest of the world we have had our share of snow, wind, rain, locust and floods.  Granted I haven’t been personally afflicted, but those climate crisis’s have been swirling around me.  My problem lies with it not being spring yet.  In my head Christmas is past, spring is here.  It’s a denial thing, but I digress. 

One part of the busy factor involved a very recent trip to San Francisco for a food show.  I have attended this particular show every year for the past  5 or so years so I’m now fairly familiar with the bay area and how the weather works there.  Sweet Husband was able to travel with me  so about 2 hours before the plane left I was packing  sweaters,  jackets, socks, an over coat and all things warm.  It can get breezy in the city as the wind whips around those tall buildings.  Against all hope I even brought sunglasses.  I’m not sure anyone has noticed but the sun shines when it’s cold.  In some places, I’ve heard of it. Really.

We arrived about 12:30 in the afternoon to a delightful sunny day.  As we waited for our car, I shed my jacket and searched for my glasses.  The entire time we were in that gorgeous city by the bay, the temperature was in the high 60’s and low 70’s.  Even one night as we walked back to hour hotel at 10pm it was shirt sleeve, not jacket weather.  Sign me up for a longer stay.  January weather angst? Problem solved.



Along with the time constraints and the weather issues, there was a huge event that I did not want to miss.  It was very important to me that I witness the Inauguration of Barak Obama and Joe Biden.  As a rule, for work,  I have the option of setting my own daily agenda and taking and making appointments as necessary.  However the schedule of the food show was dictating how my time was going to be spent.  There were food manufacturing plants to tour, meetings to attend, drinks to partake of and dinners to over eat at.  The show was scheduled to be Sunday-Tuesday ,10-4pm.  Who thought this out? Tuesday’s show itinerary  was smack dab in the middle of all of the Inauguration festivities.  Sweet Husband and I had talked in October ever so briefly about actually going to Washington DC.  It would have been exciting to see history made, regardless of who was nominated… yes, even Sarah baby.  Thank you American people for making the correct choice for our country, but I digress.  Well the dates of the show were announced so you know where my obligations were being forced.  Forced is such a strong word when one wants to keep their job.

  Part of that ongoing obligation at a show is taking meetings with customers and vendors.  However, due to the economy and many retailers cutting back, all of my customers decided not to attend the show.   However I still was obligated to attend, tickets were purchased, meetings set, but now Tuesday the day of my precious Inauguration agenda, was now wide open….and I kept it that way.  I had a huge presentation that I needed to prepare for and I had acquired all the information that I need while at the show, so I set about staying in my room Tuesday morning to work on it.  In front of the TV, watching History unfold via CNN, accompanied by a pot coffee, some croissants, fresh fruit and my Sweet Husband.  Oh, and a box of tissues.  I didn’t weep so much as leak throughout the day.  I was overwhelmed with the emotion of how we American people were again participating in politics and seeing that handywork come to fruition.  Yeah and I was really tired from going non stop since about November 1st, but that would be just an excused now wouldn’t it.  So I leaked all day and basked in the joy of hope.  Inaugration MIA angst? Problem solved.

via space

via space

So I say all that to say this, narrowing down what to blog about today?  Problem solved.

8 thoughts on “Problem Solved

  1. I am cudgeling my mind trying to figure out exactly where that scene of the Golden Gate bridge was shot from. Gimme a hint ’cause as much as I ran around the city in the 60’s I ain’t never been there. Of course , most of the time I ran around in the City was at night….ah youth and foolishness. R

  2. This was an awesome post! Maybe this has been my problem as of late. Having too much to blog about. I need to buckle down and do it like you just did.

    That is my favorite picture from the day. I was leaking all throughout the day Tuesday as well. So proud and happy and excited for what is to come. Well done us, America!!

    And that shot from space, amazing!

  3. January should be national sloth month. Is…it….an..y… wonder….why….I….feel…….slug….gish….

    Seeing Obama waving the “shaka” had me all choked up!

  4. Princess: this was one of those epiphany moments when I had been trying to solve the problem of what to write it was fun.

    Rowena, I say the photo of Obama and the ‘shaka’ and instantly thought of you. Go Hawaii, speaking of which, we are, in March…so excited. 🙂

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