Nixed metaphor



It’s Friday the 13th, it should start out scary eh?  And just for the record those are NOT my feet.  I am however fascinated.  So many thoughts come to mind when I look at this picture.  First of all just how weird do you have to be to have fake nails put on your toes?  I once thought that anyone who took the time to paint their toenails, had way too much time on their hands.  Now my thought is that I love to have a pedicure, but I usually can’t find the time to fit it into my schedule.  My Sweet daughter got me a gift certifiate for a pedicure, it’s almost that time to take advantage of it.  After all I will need sparkly toes when we go to HAWAII!!!  IN MARCH.  FOR MY BIRTHDAY!  I love my husband he is so sweet.

Hawaii is our 50th state.  2009 celebrates the 50th year that Hawaii has been our 50th state.  This is also the year that I celebrate life for 50 years.  It’s a regular tri-fecta of 50.  It’s a sign.

You are all more than welcome to come, we’ll have a party.   And you know how we likes our parties.  You better sign up now though, space is limited.


7 thoughts on “Nixed metaphor

  1. I look at those toes and think ouch. When mine get even a little too long I poke myself with them at night, it hurts… maybe I am just clumsy.

    Where are you going in HI? The Big Island? Ohau? You lucky, spoiled girl I am happy you are spending your 50th in the place you like best. I too had a tri-fecta on my 50th, it was a sign 🙂

  2. Those toenails…yeah that’s just TOO much. I’m trying to imagine the face that goes with the painted feet and I’m already shivering at the thought.

    Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you drink plenty of mai tais or whatever tropical drink for me when you’re there.

  3. those red fake toenails are fascinating! I would love to see this person actually walk and not snap them off thus tearing the underlying nail to the quick and bleed!”ing all over the carpet. “How vivid as Auntie Mame once quipped.

    Take your sun screen and take the Obama tour!!

  4. Jody, to the Big Island, mostly I’m excited to be lazy, I haven’t had that for a while.

    Gale, I will look for a castle to storm and take picures of it too.

    V Princess, it never occured to me that the nails weren’t fake. That makes it a bigger ick!

    Jeff, oh well will..hee hee.

    Rowena, any advice on great hikes or eats on the Big Island?

    Royce, Sun Screen got it, the Obama tour is on a different island than where we’re going.

    To all, the toe nails are just a big ick!

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