Actual conversation while shopping at Sears on Saturday.


Sweet Husband to sales person ( older than us, gentleman), Excuse me, can you please tell me where I could find an athletic supporter.

Sales person:  We don’t sell them anymore.  You might want to check with Big Five Sports, Joe’s, or a Thrift Store.

ME:  My head snaps toward Sweet Husband, “Did he say Thrift Store?”  as we leave the store.

6 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. Erm perhaps Google has a source for new ones?

    I sense a niche market. A small tasteful store in an outlet mall selling only athletic supporters in various sizes, colors, constructed from routine materials to the truly bizarre. Might bring back cod pieces.

  2. I don’t know anybody in their right mind that would want to support an athlete. Them SOB’s already make more money than anybody else in the country. Why hell, they’re all over the news trying to save their sorry asses for shooting steroids. Why the absolute gaul of them low life red-necks. Makes a fellow want to swear off baseball.
    How about them Mariners?

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