Aloha hahahaha

The best reason were headed for Hawaii on Tuesday:


Statement as of 5:29 PM PST on March 06, 2009

… Lowland snow showers likely this weekend…

A strong cold front will pass through western Washington on
Saturday brining cool and unstable conditions to the region.
Onshore flow will increase behind the cold front with showers
expected Saturday afternoon into Sunday.

Snow levels will plummet on Saturday afternoon to near sea level
as colder air filters into the region. The heaviest accumulations
will likely occur where a Puget Sound convergence zone sets up
Saturday afternoon and evening… especially for Cascade foothills.

Due to the uncertain nature of this event… all areas should be
prepared for periods of snow showers this weekend with the potential
for accumulation of an inch or two.

Cold weather with stay in place through Monday… with high
temperatures struggling to reach 40 degrees and low temperatures
regularly falling below freezing.

Be sure to listen to NOAA Weather Radio or your favorite weather
news source for the latest updates on this developing winter
weather event for this weekend.

Better yet, head west and look for tropical beverages.

4 thoughts on “Aloha hahahaha

  1. Aloha…
    Despite the earthquake off the coast of the Big Island today… you will have a wonderful time. Nothing to worry about. Not a rumble since.

    Have a wonderful trip.

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