The last days of winter.

With the promise of a warm and tropical backdrop, we were in no hurry to pack our dirty vacation clothes and head for the airport.  As had been our routine for the past week or so, we woke up late, you know, 7am late.  At this hour the birds are starting their chorus, the haze on the low hills is weakening and the outriggers are headed out to practice.

room with a view

After watching the morning wake up along with us, we don our swimsuits grab our books and sunglasses and head out for coffee, for a last few hours at the pool.  Having been pool rats for the past week, we had set up camp at a few different spots, and this morning settled on our favorite spot near the pool.  We are facing the ocean where we could glance up and see the baby whale slapping it’s tail on the surface of the water, as it’s mama feeds on the krill.


Because we are such early risers we get the benefit of a quiet morning, where we hear only the birds and each other. Neither the kiddies water fountain nor the water slide will be turned on for another hour or so and we revel in the peace.  It’ s fun watching the kids play in the sand and change the direction of the spouts of water, but the quiet is nice too.  The birds chatter around us and get near us hoping for a dropped morsel.

Our goal today is to spend our last day in the sun, In The Sun.  We know that we have to exit our room by noon so after reading and sunning for a while we head back up to pack our room, load up the car and come back to our campsite at the pool.  We had requested a late check out but weren’t able to, as we were told our room was booked after us.  I have my doubts about that, as the hotel was less than half full except for maybe Saturday when I think they opened it up to locals for a great deal. Other than that, the place was pretty quiet.

Even on vacation there is only so much lounging around a person can do so we finally left the hotel in the early afternoon to find some food.  Basically we wasted the rest of the day not shopping, eating and drinking.  I was tired of shopping, I’m not much of a shopper anyway so that’s a good thing $$$. So if you don’t get a present, it’s because, um I got tired.  Yay, that’s it….tired.

Our plane wasn’t scheduled to leave at 9:45pm.  So I thought…  By about 5pm we here both a little sunburnt and tired of driving around.  So what do you do when you have a little extra time and nothing to do in Hawaii…yes you go to a movie.  Folks, we don’t even go to movies when we are at home.  But we had a few hours to kill so we stopped in at the Cinema and plunked down $9.50 apiece to see the movie Fired Up.   Fired Up?  It’s a movie about,  The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory. Hey right up our alley…uh huh! I knew that we would never get those two hours back so why not waste them on some mindless movie.  Ok, I give…we threw a few chuckles their way and it wasn’t a complete waste.  But we sure did surprise Sweet Daughter when we told her what we saw.

Hawaii 09

It’s now about 7:30pm and we still have to take the car back, check in with the airline,go through security, change our clothes and take a pee before getting on the plane.  Car dropped off, check.  NO extra nuisance fees.  Get dropped off by the car shuttle…nothing left on the bus, check.  It seems from the postings around the area that our flight is oversold and if we wanted to stay another day in paradise AND get a free RT ticket we could volunteer to be bumped.  Excuse me, I like free tickets, especially if I can get back to Hawaii.  I ask the nice busy lady if they still need people to take tomorrows flight and off she rushes to find out.  She. Never. Came. Back.  I took that to mean NO, so we checked in and headed for security.

We’ve done this airport security thing hundreds if not a thousand times before, you’d think we might know the drill.  But today, we look and act like we’ve never been in an airport before. What do we do?  No liquids over how many ounces?  What do we carry it in?  Why can’t we have knives and guns?  huh?  Take off shoes, take out laptop, find baggie with liquids, push it all through the security tunnel all the while holding my boarding pass and ID in my mouth.  Careful not to rip the skin from my lips from the paper of my boarding pass, AGAIN, I hand it to the security personnel.  I am now,Free to go, regroup, repack and change clothes.

The Kona airport is the coolest airport in the world. Maybe it’s the warmest airport in the world, it’s so airy and comfortable.  The only walls that they have are surrounding the bathrooms, for which most of us are thankful.  Everything else is open weather.  They don’t have jet ways    only the push up stairs to the planes.  Very breezy, and tropical.  Earlier I mentioned that the plane was to leave at 9:45pm, but I was wrong, it was leaving at 9:05pm.  If we had been any later we never would have made it.  We would have been staying in Hawaii on our own dime and without the benefit of a free ticket.  boo hoo.  But we weren’t late, we got on our flight, packed in like little fishes without the chance to change clothes.

We arrive into Seattle at 5:30am still in our swimsuits and flip flops. We didn’t get any sleep on the plane and we were both slightly burnt enough that a extra layer of clothes would have been really really uncomfortable, anyway.

Once we land, there is some sort of medical emergency on board so we’ve been asked to stay in our seats until those individuals can leave.  Sure, no problem, I didn’t get to smell the guy next to me quite enough anyway. I thank you Northwest Airlines for extending that opportunity.   As it is I have really bad hair, no make that really scary hair.  Scary scary hair, scary to the point that my hair is so curly from not being tamed all week, that it may never relax. But the good news is I also have a hat.  A very pretty Hawaiian hat made of straw with a floral band.  The hat has been packed in the overhead bin between both of our suitcases. It looks only slightly better than my hair but I plop it on my head anyway.

hat and husband

Eventually we are allowed to leave the plane, and make our way to the shuttle that takes us to our car.  People are staring at us, perhaps it’s my hair?  As we are taking the elevator to the shuttle ride a skycap asks us how Hawaii was?  Huh, how did he know, oh the swimsuits, the hat, the flip flops, the tans, the shivering from the 39 degree weather.  Great, we say as we smile back at him.  But he doesn’t stick around to hear the details of great food, excellent pool time, orchid garnished mai tais and the best pupus ever.  But we know that we had a great time…now you do too.

9 thoughts on “The last days of winter.

  1. Wow! What a trip! And that was just an explaination of the last day! I am so jealous. You both look so tanned and happy and relaxed. Hope I make it to Hawaii sometime, I owuld love to lounge in paradise. I think I would be great at it. 🙂

    • We had such a great time, I thought about you on occasion knowing that you’d most likely been to many of the places we visited.

  2. I for one are glad you had a good time and back in the 48 whatevers. I have fluffed your pillows and await your stay in casa de Colton.

  3. Um no shopping for B&B’s

    Royce, we saw lots of places for sale, but we were looking to narrow down the areas that we are interested in.

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