When Sweet Husband had his 50th birthday we had a Hawaiian Theme party.  Everyone dressed up and we had pupu’s and mai tais all while listening to Hawaiian music in the background.  It was also sort of a surprise party, where the guest of honor knew we were having a party, but he didn’t have a clue who was coming, it was quite fun.  Sweet Husband wanted to do something special for my (gulp) 50th Birthday and it kinda felt like we just did the party thing, so he opted to take me to Hawaii.  Who am I to argue?  You go right ahead honey and just let me know what time I need to be at the airport.  I’ll bring the sunscreen.

So my birthday arrives and for the first time ever in 50 birthdays, I don’t feel like it’s my birthday.  All I can attribute this to is the fact I am living what was given to me as a gift.  I didn’t have to wait for anything else.  No birthdays surprise were eminent and I liked my feelings just fine.  We headed toward the pool and I didn’t feel decrepit or in need of a wheel chair.  I walked the stairs and didn’t feel compelled to use the elevator at my now advanced age.  I didn’t drink Geritol for breakfast.  We reach the pool to lounge, sun and read our books.  After an hour or so one us says, I’m tired of reading, lounging and sunning, lets go have some lunch, and off we go.

We change and head for the car.  Here’s the picture every day…upon arising we go from various forms of sleepwear to workout clothes.  From the workout clothes it’s either to the pool or to the car.  Pool=Swimsuit  Car=shorts-top-flip-flops   Notice I didn’t mention alot about personal grooming, which might should include the drying of ones hair after the shower, the brushing of teeth, the application of appearance enhancing cosmetics and deodorant.  Not alot of that happens while we were on vacation, mainly the shower.  It’s rather liberating.  In fact it’s a trait that I need to carry back to the mainland so I can relax a bit in the dress up category.

We look through out trusty guide book and decide on a lunch place not to far away.  The photos I’ve posted are the views from the deck…pretty nice eh?  Sitting outside we’re taking it all in and the wind is blowing quite a bit and it’s chilly.  And we don’t have jackets.  We’re in Hawaii, why would need those?  uh, cause sometimes it’s chilly.  We decide to tough it out and are only a teensy bit jealous as we watch person after person go to their car and return with a jacket or sweatshirt.  The only thing that could warm us up was to split a piece of fresh homemade coconut pie.  No that doesn’t make sense, but I just wanted to tell you we had an awesome pie with real coconut from Hawaii.  We don’t even like coconut cream pie, but it was practically screaming at us.  Again, who am I to argue?  Let’s just think of it as birthday pie.

My thoughts are on the beautiful scenery, the wonderful company and nothing in general when out of the blue, my Sweet Husband says, “That looks like it hurts”

“Um, what hurts?” I ask.

“That thing on your lip” he says as he points to my upper lip.

My right hand flies up to my face landing on the the mother of all zits.  In fact, it’s a 50 year old mother of all zits, about the size of the Big Island, perched on my upper lip, getting ready to take a dump down my face.  I have a freakin zit!!  A zit that is  big enough for my husband to notice and he doesn’t notice anything. Did my body not get the message I’m way past puberty and it’s my birthday for cripes sake.? Maybe the hotel will lend me some Windex.

Of course now I’m very self conscious.  Not like  before when I should have been self conscious, without a shower and the usual grooming procedure along with the faint hint of  suntan oil.  Maybe that was part of the zit problem….a little to much liberation in the grooming area.

At this point I have to say thank you to Ellen.  Ellen is sister #2 and she sent me to Hawaii with a gift that said: do something special for yourself.  So I did, when we got back to the hotel, I had a facial at the spa, it was glorious.  I have to tell you though,I think it’s the first time I had someone pop a zit for me….it made my 50th birthday so special.   The lady doing the facial said I didn’t look a day past 35, she’s my new best friend.

It really was the perfect Birthday, no cake, no birthday song, no presents (that day), no party.  That evening we had dinner with a friend from highschool and her husband and we didn’t even tell them it was my birthday.  I didn’t want a fuss, and it felt good.

Here’s the thing…I don’t feel 50, I haven’t a clue what that is.  So until further notice, age doesn’t matter.


6 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I am so glad you reached such a great spot to stay in your life. I don’t just mean Hawaii. I mean your entire life. You deserve it. Love you!

  2. Practice I say! More practice sliding smoothly past birth dates! Pimply faced or not. I still get pimples but it looks so weird with face wrinkles. Too bad all those raging hormones etc cannot be put to better use. Happy late B day!

  3. That is how I want to spend every single one of my birthdays from now on. Sounds devine! Despite the unwanted eruptions. I am 31 years old and still battling constant acne. Wonder when my body will finally decide enough is enough.

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