Coming clean


Today is the moment of truth.  I will reveal my liars story and I think you’ll be surprised.

Incident #1   TRUE.  I did one day cause a motorcyclist to lay down his bike in front of me.  First of all, I can’t tell you the depths of my embarrassment, I am mortified that this happened and relieved that no one was hurt.  My mind that day was clearly not on my driving.  The young man was very cool about the whole situation, when he finally quit yelling at me.  He said since there was very little damage to his BRAND NEW bike that if I wanted to look for the part on line and then just cut him a check, he would agree to that.  I did the research on line, cut him a check for about $20 over the cost, but he then didn’t cash the check  for TWO months.  I was starting to panic when the check didn’t show up on my statement or on-line.  I was beginning to think that he was taking me for a ride, but it all worked out ok.  I apologize to the motorcycle aficionados,  I will try and stay out of your way.  Oh, another thing, even though a police officer was called and I ran a red light and caused a minor accident, I did not get a ticket.  However,I did wonder about the early onset of Alzheimer’s and wondered if I was in that category…I might be.

Incident #2  TRUE  Yes again my fault, I bumped car butts with a van in a parking lot.  Even though I backed out of a space and put pretty red paint on some old cranky guys van and a police officer was called, I did not get a ticket. Boy, he was cranky, he could take a lesson from the motorcycle dude.

Incident #3  TRUE  Yup, I did take the carpool exit as a single occupant in the car and I did get a ticket.  It’s a total scam.  The cop sits at the top of the exit and simply waves the ‘offender’ to the shoulder and writes up a ticket.  It’s a motorcycle cop as well…I should have just rolled through and made him lay it down.

Incident #4  TRUE  Yes in Bellingham Washington the parking tickets downtown are only $10.  shhhhh, I’m not going to tell them it’s a steal.  It’s been paid already and I will put more money in the meter next time….and make my appointment see me ON TIME!

Incident #5  FALSE.  My goal every day that I drive is to get home alive.  I have had one speeding ticket in 35 years of driving.  I’ve also driven God knows how many thousands of miles, and had no accidents.  I don’t speed, tailgate, text, put on my make up or am I aggressive when I drive.  So no, I’ve never been to traffic school and I am on very good terms with my insurance company. HA, no one picked this as a lie.  You all think that I’m a bad driver don’t you?

Incident #6  TRUE, I did share a salad with an inch worm.  In some cultures the inch worm is part of the salad, but I don’t get how they keep them on the salad, if they are always trying to crawl off.

3 thoughts on “Coming clean

  1. Why you SCOFF law,you! I had no idea you were so wild and adventurous. I get into difficulty if I am driving someone around, yakking my head off and oops, running a red light. Local cops must have been sleeping that day because any other day, yep, instant ticket, traffic court, etc. etc.

  2. Should have guessed it, darn it, it was the shortest one and should have picked it up as the lie. Oh well.. that was fun 😉

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