Random insights.


They grow them big in Hawaii. Snails, not the toes.  We met this little fellow on the way to the pool one morning.  The toe was needed for a point of reference.  Lucky for the snail, there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic so I’m sure he made his way to wherever he was going.  Again the snail, not the toes, even though the toes did travel on….you understand.

I’m going to a new hair place today.  Wish me luck!  If I get a good swipe, I’ll post a picture and even translate what “get a good swipe” means.  Yes, I’ve been told I am a tease.  The following link just might give you a little more insight on my hair. Is it just me?

I best go, before all the good hair karma is used up today.

3 thoughts on “Random insights.

  1. that picture brought back a memory, living on the North Shore of Oahu, my job provided housing, say labor camp (thats another story)
    …anyway the first of many centipedes I saw actually crawled out of the drain in the kitchen sink. It was over 6″ long.

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