Career day


Yesterday as I was driving to a variety of appointments, I was listening to the radio.  I jump from station to station when I listen to the radio because I hate commercials.  Lucky for me, in my car I have radio buttons on my steering wheel.  With a quick flick of my finger I can switch from classical music to talk radio to rock and roll or something obnoxious enough to make my ears bleed  .  In my travels through the many and sometimes painful variety of stations, I landed on an ‘easy’ listening channel, which for some people doubles as a ‘painful’ choice  . A female voice was serenading me with a melodic and pleasant song about times gone by.  Stopping for a red light, I had this thought that it must be nice to just sing for ones  job.  My thoughts  progressed something like this:

  • I am just one song away from a big hit that will leave me obscenely wealthy.
  • I’m gonna need a manager
  • I’m going to have to find a record label to sign
  • The Carpenter’s!  It’s about time they made a comeback, I could sing their songs.  RIP Karen.
  • Note to self:  google Richard Carpenter when I get home
  • I will need to get a piano
  • I will need to take piano lessons
  • Scratch the piano lessons, Richard Carpenter can play the piano for me.
  • Ok, what to wear on tour?
  • I should think of where the tour will go, hmmm Europe?
  • ooooo what to name the tour. Ninja?  No someone just did that
  • I get tired when I travel alot and when I’m always super busy
  • the concerts will have to be earlier and earlier in the evening as I’ll want to get to bed right at 10pm.
  • With the increasing population of older people this might just work
  • I could combine my concert skills and have an early bird special
  • scratch the tour, I’ll be a lounge singer with early start times.
  • Whoa, it’s a whole new marketing strategy for Vegas, early bird shows, I’ll have my own show in Vegas so I won’t have to tour.  People will pay to come see me perform my early show ” Short fat show girls”
  • I’ll be obscenely wealthy
  • Oh, the light changed, I should go now.
  • Fame is fleeting.

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