I told you


Friday was the nicest day of the year, so far.  That called for an early dinner of take out fish and chips.  Where did we take them?  Well the Ballard locks of course.  It was a sunny gorgeous warm late afternoon and the spring time was teasing us, no, begging us to come out to play.  My work week had gone sideways a few times and I was ready to stop, so I did.  With fish and chips in hand we made our way to the sloping lawn above the locks where we could watch the seagulls make passes at our chips.  A stern stink eye thrown in their direction was enough to scare them off.  Because it was a terraced sloping sort of lawn it was also fun to watch the girls in flip flops slide and fall on their bums in the fresh green grass.  You can’t get that sort of entertainment on TV folks.   Oh yeah, and some ships went through the locks, blah blah blah.  After our impromptu dinner we walked around the blooming gardens and then headed off toward home.  It was a lovely evening and one I’d like to repeat soon.

On Saturday it was opening day of boating season which generally means one thing: rain.  I had threatened Sweet Husband that I was going to want to take drag him to watch the crew races, but as predicted the rain started, giving us opportunities to do Saturday chores.  Final score RAIN 1- Ecland participation at the CREW RACES 0.


Sunday we awoke to a cool but sunny morning.  The weather forecast calls for rain for the next 20 or so years so this was a pleasant surprise.  What do we do….garden of course.  Let’s just say my shoveling muscles are sore.  The neighbor got a HUGE load of wood chips and won’t be using them all, instead offering to us what he won’t need.  That was my clue to grab a shovel, the wheel barrow and don my muck boots, we had wood chips to haul.  Most of our garden area is raised beds and the paths between most of the beds is used brick.  On the paths that don’t have brick we now have, yup you guessed it, wood chips.  It’s a loverly thing.

halo effect

What you see is a silhouette of my husband.  See the halo?  I told you he was darn near perfect!

5 thoughts on “I told you

  1. ohhh I like the halo, we already knew he was an Angel because he puts up with… nevermind… HEY you could prob’ly sell that on e-bay 🙂

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