Chrysler eh?

...just like ours except ours is red

...just like ours except ours is red

I’ve driven and owned a few cars in my time.  I’ve had a couple convertibles and they have always been fun, unless you count the 64 Thunderbird that burnt down the house.  Hey that’s  a story I should probably  tell someday.  I digress.  Sweet Husband and I currently co-own with the bank, a 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible.  It’s a nice ride and oh so pleasant when the weather is sunny, and we’re willing to get our hair all mused.  We’ve had the usual automotive problems with this car like it won’t stay full of gas and the warranty doesn’t cover excess dirt.  But for the most part we like this car.

If it’s a cold day, or foggy day, or rainy day, and the rear window defroster doesn’t work then we don’t like this car so much.  Unlike a lot of convertibles the Sebring back window is an actual hard piece of glass with the strings of wire embedded for defrosting.  The wires all  come to a point on one side of the glass into a male electronic part that clicks into a female part.  Sounds groovy in concept. But you know  the point where all those defrosting assigned wires come together? That part keeps coming off of the glass, which results in NO defrosting.  Long story short, while under warranty the car has been into the garage to have this little lack of defrosting problem fixed at least 7 times.  At no time has it worked, and they refused to try to fix it again,  “because it was costing them to much money”.   Poor things, they just made this my problem.

Another oddity of this car is a dash board light that reads “air bag” accompanied by a random ‘ding’.  Since I drive alot I ponder the thought of the airbag deploying while I’m driving and how I could actually control my propelling vehicle while unconscious.

Is it any small wonder Chrysler is going bankrupt?

3 thoughts on “Chrysler eh?

  1. so, when are you going to take me for a ride? I am sooooo ready! Hope to see you soon! I am busy packing for our move…gads, too much stuff!

  2. I had one of those cars for under a year and got rid of it quick! While the idea of a convertible was alluring the actual car itself gave me nothing but problems and large service bills that I shouldn’t have had to pay since I had a warrenty. I feel your pain.

    I love my Toyota Camry. Not a problem since I bought it two years ago!

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