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I got my shirt back and I’ll tell you what, little old ladies who house their business in smoke filled, dog infested basements, ROCK, when it comes to tailoring blouses.  She did a very nice job, although I wanted to hold it out the window by two fingers it stunk so bad.  I promptly put the shirt  into the laundry and it came out so purty.  I’ve never looked stunning before, but I’m sure I’ll come close when I wear this article of clothing.



Last Friday afternoon  about 5pm I was in my office when I heard this gawd awful howling coming from somewhere in the back yard.  I ran out the back door, Sweet Husband headed down the hall to the kitchen and out that door to the patio.  The sound is all wonky around our house, it carries oddly which makes it hard to determine where the sound is coming from.  I finally saw a very large racoon had pinned my 4 pound 18 year old cat to the ground and was having it’s way with her.  And not in a ‘I’m gonna need a cigarette after you’re done, sort of way.  This beast was biting her and little kitty couldn’t get up.  She was struggling, trying to fight and yowling VERY loud.   We yelled louder and the racoon scrambled under the fence, running off but not before it was tattoed on it’s ass with a large brick.   Nice shot, Sweet Husband.    Kushka has been in altercations previously and faired pretty well, but she is almost deaf and that doesn’t bode well for an aging indoor/outdoor cat.  As the weather grows nicer we put the cats out early in the morning with a little bit of food and they are content to lounge in the yard in the sun.  They don’t wander off, they like their own backyard.    However the food is an attraction to the racoons.  Friday’s incident means there will be no more bowls of food.  Only the occasional snack for the kittens will be offered in the future.

Kushka, which is Ukrainian for cat, was growling and limping and hissing and in a bit of trauma.  I immediately called our vet, and as they were full reffered us to an emergency animal clinic that was quite close.  When I could finally get close enough I wrapped a bath towel around my poor little babycat, swaddeled her close and Sweet Husband drove us to the clinic.  The finally outcome was she is going to be ok.  She had no puncture wounds or broken bones.  The reason there were no puncture wounds was due to her lack of grooming for the past year.  She had grown so matted from not grooming that once the weather got warmer, I was going to have her shaved.  Enter the emergency clinic…they had to shave her in order for them to check if there were any puncture wounds.  It’s not the best grooming job, but I think we can take it from here.  The vet said that Kushka would be a little sore so they sent us home with some nasty medicine and instructions to come back if she got worse.

Did you know a cat can play you?  Well I didn’t really but when it came time for a drink of water, and a trip to the little box, I was the transport system.  She was favoring one of her back legs and couldn’t walk very well, so I would gently pick up her, take her to the water and food bowl.  Wait while she ate.  Then she would stand and look at the litter box.  I reached down pick up and gently placed her in the box so she could her her business.  I drew the line at the burying, I didn’t want to get litter under my nails.  I now have a keener understanding as to why there is the misc litter scatterings about the house.  When she was finished going poo, I would pick her up and take her back to where she had been sleeping.  She would then look up at me and say thank you with her eyes….I swear.

She is doing so much better now, walking and mewing and eating and pooing without assistance.  That was our pre weekend excitment.

This is her and her love of potato chips from a few months back.


My weekend consisted of working in the yard on Saturday, and working at the Cheese Festival at the Pike Place Market on Sunday. Here’s a question for you.  Would you stand for 45 minutes in a line in the sun for a taste of cheese?  The weather was gorgeous for both days so I can’t complain….doesn’t  do any good anyway.  Tomorrow I head out for a food show, my first of 3 in the next 4 weeks.  I’ll give you a sample if you come by…

4 thoughts on “Random bits

  1. Isn’t if weird how these precious animals know how to get what they need from their adoring “owners”? Sometimes the line between owner and ownee is very blurred. Oscar scared us pretty badly the other day when he had a seizure at Richard’s feet. He is older than the granddaughter so that makes him 15+. He is now on arthritis meds and cries something awful when he wants in the dog door. He has no qualms about going out, mind you. Just coming in.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you next month. Until then, take care and watch out for Rocky Racoon.

  2. Poor Kushka! And mean raccoon bully. I can only imagine what our doxie would do if facing off with a ring-tailed bandit (and it wouldn’t be pretty). Of course that would only happen pre-operation. He and his “guys” are scheduled first thing Monday morning, and I imagine that the testerone getting thrown around lately will come to a halt.

  3. Your poor kitty! Those raccoons can be mean when they mean business. I am glad she is doing better and that you were able to pamper her. I baby my kitties too but unfortunately they have picked up horrible habits now resulting from me giving them whatever they want.

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