Memorial day


As I was reading the newspapers online yesterday I saw a poll on CNN.  The poll question was:  “Do you remember the original meaning of Memorial Day?”  79% of the people who answered said no.  I was surprised at that response.  But then again I’m 50 years old with a father who was a Veteran of a Foreign War, two retired Navy brothers, an Air Force nephew and multiple cousins and uncles in the military.  I think that brings a keen understanding for me anyway.  The relationship to military is strong in our family and with that comes respect.

I brought the Poll question up with Sweet Husband and Daughter yesterday and they were both surprised at the large amount of the ‘no’ answers.  Sweet Daughter knew that Memorial Day was more than a day to get a good price on a mattress.  She acknowledge that when she drove by the cemetery earlier in the day there were many flags out and she knew the holiday was to honor the war dead.

It’s amazing and odd how our holidays have been diluted into ways to ‘save money’ buying crap that we don’t need.  In our house we lament how holidays have morphed into ‘shopping days’ as well as end and beginning of  seasons.  We wonder when the 9/11 sales will start…hopefully never.  That horrible day has already been bastardized in so many different ways.

So with that said, it’s not just a day to mark the beginning of summer.  We know that usually starts on July 5th.

3 thoughts on “Memorial day

  1. Yeah, Memorial Day, was when we would get taken to the graveyard to watch Mom set out flowers and then we got to listen to arguments about who was buried where and when as opposed to Sunday drives and arguments as to who lived where and when. And if we were lucky, those Sunday drives would include a stop for a jug of rootbeer, baked chicken, maple bars and Vienna sausage or a combination there of.

  2. Your comment about our holidays being turned into nothing but a commercial drive for us to buy stuff reminded me of a cute little movie I watched awhile back. You may have seen it

    I know there are groups that argue it is misleading but I think the general permiss is sound. It is sad that our products are made to break, it wasn’t that long ago that there was pride in craftmenship and things were made to last. Sad that we have become a society of Planned obsolescence.

  3. I was trying to think if we had any family traditions for Memorial Day and I came up totally blank. The arguments ring a bell though.

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