Seasonal sounds

For the most part it’s  fairly quiet where we live.  That is unless you ask someone who lives in the country who then comes to stay at our house, and they are awakened by the passing cars at night.  I would have to then say, it’s all relative.   The other day however, there was a crow outside my office that was loudly carrying on and on and on about his little crow business.  I don’t know if you have crows where you live, but they are loud and demanding.  At one point they were dive bombing Kushka, as if she hasn’t had enough trauma in her furry little life.  Come to find out there was a toddler crow that had most likely left the nest a little bit too soon. Mama and papa crow were loudly trying to teach baby to fly while at the same time protecting the area from 4 pound geriatric cats.  The parental units would cawww flying off toward a nearby tree, all the while encouraging  Junior to test his wings and to please follow.  He would whimper back in some crow baby talk, flap his wings and stay put.  For. The. Next. Three. Days.  Junior liked our back yard, we must have been interesting to him, he watched our every move.  He was like a foreman leaning on a shovel that’s how much he watched us.  I just thought of something,  first it was a Robin spying on us, now we have  a crow.  We have lots of bird friendly areas in our yard, and for the most part the cats leave them alone.  We are indeed a secure bird sanctuary.

As the situation was not diminishing in sound or drama, the cats were getting fed up with the noise and they asked if they could go back in the house.  I said, “No it’s too nice. Now go outside and play, and don’t fight with your sister”.  Oh my gawd, that sounds just like my mom.  That’s the only thing you won’t hear on the video, some mom screaming at her kids to stay in the yard.

Anyway, can you identify all the sounds in our ‘quiet’ neighborhood? Sorry for the blurriness,  if you squint just right, you can see the cat sort of hunker down as if to get away from the noise.

4 thoughts on “Seasonal sounds

  1. Keep us updated on junior foreman!! All of a sudden we have a lot of crows here, didn’t see any until very recently. Not sure if their noise was the reason the geese left for a few days but they are back again today. Their babies are now teenagers, seems like just last week they were little yellow fuzz balls, now they are all gangley and looking grown up.

  2. Wow, they are LOUD! I don’t like birds (been attacked too many times, long stories) but I do like the songs of some birds in the Spring. Mockingbirds are my favorite. But crows can definitely grate on my nerves.

  3. We noticed some odd crow behavior out the back window of the hospital, there is a sunny bank that crows would carefully spread their wings and sun themselves. Weirdly enough I googled a site that was looking for that kind of crow behavior. I will have to listen at home my work PC does not have that particular flash player on it and it takes an act of Congress to get the IT guy to load on anything….sigh…

  4. Sounds like a soundtrack introduction to a Hitchcock movie. Those birds are irritating! We only have little alpine crooners and cuckoos, oh yeah and owls. They all blend in nicely where we live so actually the only intrusion are the neighbors when they’re screaming at their kids.

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