Get away day

IMG_0512 I’m like a dog with a bone, or in my case a cat with a bone.  And like a small animal with a marrow fetish who can’t get enough of said bone,  I  can’t get enough of this gorgeous weather.  See these lovely chairs sitting in our backyard?  Did you notice anything odd about them?  Yes, that’s right, neither Sweet Husband nor myself are in any one of them.  Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying.   These chairs practically call out our names to come and lounge.  However,  we were both pulling out of the driveway at 5:29am this morning going our seperate ways. Frankly,  that’s not how I’d like to spend these 65 degree mornings.  Yes I do believe it’s going to be a warm one in ol Sea-town today, but I won’t be here to participate.   I’m at the airport waiting to wing my way south, where it might possibly be even warmer.  I’m on my way to, yes you guessed it, a food show.  You’d think one food show would be enough, but you have to take into account not all customers purchase our fine cheese from the same distributor, so here we are.  A friend asked me yesterday if the two food shows that I’m attending this week are the kind where I ‘show the food’, or ‘see the food’.  Yes, I answered, one of each.  I’ll give a minor update when I get back.  So until then stay cool and adjust.  Here’s a teensy challenge for you, is there anything that you’d like me to look for at these food shows?  Come on, give it your best shot, but I would like to narrow the challenge down to actual food.  It won’t do either one of us any good if you want me to check out the new tricycle lawn mower.

5 thoughts on “Get away day

  1. Gorgonzola cheese sauce, please. Either that or I cut down my recipe by 3/4, to get that smooth mellow very slightly dolce taste.

  2. Have fun on your trip! I can’t think of anything for you to look for except maybe some fun people watching stories, like someone dressed the craziest or a picture of someone wearing a plaid shirt. I am lame. But I do love cheese!

  3. You left a comment some time back on my blog. I just wanted you to know that I’m back writing again. It was a weird time in 2008. Meanwhile, I’m going to check back with your blog from time to time, because we now have an empty nest and the appropriate food budget for good things to eat, and a house that has more peace and beauty unmarred by loud, hungry teenagers.

  4. You once posted on my blog, and I wanted you to know I was back. I spent most of 2008 switching careers and becoming an empty-nester. I’ll be back to visit your blog; I now have a house and garden peaceful and beautiful without the presense of very hungry teenagers tramping through!

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