Penguin sighting.

Actual conversation:

Me to Sweet Husband, “Remember when we were talking about the gay penguins the other day?  Well I saw a video about them hatching an egg.”

Sweet Husband, “They must not have been too gay then, eh?”

Me: “No they are still gay, they had been trying hatch a rock after going through mating rituals.  So they were given an abandonded egg and viola!  They hatched it.”

Sweet Husband, “Awwww, that’s so sweet”.

Me, while reading the news on the internet, “Hey the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.”

Sweet Husband, “Are they gay too?”

Me, laughing, “I’m sure there might be a few gay hockey players.”

Me, “Did you still want to go to the zoo and see the new Penguin exhibit?

4 thoughts on “Penguin sighting.

  1. That was pretty funny. Then I started to think of all of these penguin movies and movies with penguins and dentists.

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