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See this? She’s worth almost $500 more than she was 3 weeks ago. That’s what happens when you have 2 emergency room visits within 3 weeks time.

If you can read this it’s because I’m posting via email from my blackberry. I love wordpress.

Amendment:  That’s more than $100 per pound.  Like caviar, that’s what she is.


8 thoughts on “email post

  1. Vet bills, don’t I know it! How handy that you can post from your blackberry. Me, I get all giggly whenever I leave for vacation and line up a few ‘scheduled posts’ to keep the rhythm going. Technology rules!

  2. Wow only $500, I like your vet. When Toes got sick seemed like there wasn’t a procedure that didn’t have a comma in it.

    What were the emergency visits about?

    • The first incident was an altercation with a raccoon. We took her into emergency as a precaution. There were no bite marks and no wounds, just a sore kitty.

      On Tuesday night it was her yowling when she couldn’t ‘eliminate’ when she was in her box. She’d been jumping in and out of her litter box about every 15 minutes with no visible results. so I bundled her up and took her in to have blood work and all that stuff. Basically she’s getting old and like any 18 year old sapping us dry of funds.

  3. I won’t let me kids get any pets that will outlive the amount of time they have left at home. I don’t want to become the pet-keeper while they’re away at college!

  4. Oh, I’m sorry your sweet kitty had problems. We’ve taken our 17 year old cat to the vet a few times this year. Like Jody, our vet bills have commas now. We stopped short of approving a thousand dollar surgery where her heart would be “manually paced.” We love our cat, but we’re not prepared to drive to Philadelphia and have a team of surgeons make such extraordinary efforts. She’s an old girl whose led the best life a cat could live. When it’s her time, it’s her time.

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