Reunion AND Union

Independence Day  is upon us, and it’s not raining, yay!.  After having an EPIC family reunion last weekend, we are repeating that performance this weekend with the other side of the family.  We are headed off to my Sweet mother-in-law’s house for some grillin and chillin.  We won’t be gone all day, we’re just gone for a few hours, then we’re back home to watch the fireworks from the front yard…yea  that is a cool aspect of this house.  Be safe and don’t hold lit firecrackers.

When we were in Idaho last weekend we had a GREAT time at the family reunion.  We met my sister’s sweetheart, and we all gave him many thumbs up.  That isn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds…we really like him.  It was his Birthday so we all signed a card for him and gave him a losing lottery ticket. It’s a tradition.


The next day was the reunion and it required some people showing up early at the city park to secure the desired meeting place.  The meeting place we had in mind was to be the covered area in the park with all the picnic tables, you know, the one with lots of shade.  Jason our designated spot snagger, showed up a wee bit before 8am and the chosen spot was already taken by some other family reunion, I guess their plan was a bit more ambitious than ours.  So we did what we all do best,  we regrouped and found a better, shadier spread, nearer to the bathrooms and all the necessary facilities.    We scored, we had more room, more shade and more Berglunds than any other family reunion in the park.

My brother Richard, his wife, Cathy along with my cousin Paulette spearheaded this shin-dig and they all did an awesome job.  We had about 100 people show up, which to me is a great amount.  A few spouses couldn’t show, but hey, there’s always next time.  Fun was had by all.

At one point I’m standing next to my youngest brother, Jim.  He looks at me and says. “I’m going to step out of my element and take the microphone and talk in front of all these people.”  He then opens his hand and shows me a ring.  OH MY GOD, he’s going to propose to his girlfriend…how exciting!  I gulp and give him and big smile…how exciting!!  I turn and start looking for Sweet Husband.  Since he is a photographer I think now would be a good time to capture some impromptu shots.  I hear Jim talking about how the last few times we’d all been together had been sad and somber times burying various loved ones, and he wanted to change that trend to a more happier time.   At this same time I am asking Sweet Husband to get his camera as Jim is going to propose….a WEDDING?  I had started to say Jim was going to propose to Donna, but instead Jim was proposing a wedding.  We’re gonna have a wedding, right here, right now…how cool!  We were all invited to join them under the neighboring tree to witness as they exchanged vows and helped to increase the  family.  By now we were wiping the tears from our eyes as we watched them become husband and wife.  It was very sweet.  Thanks for sharing with us.

Jim and Donna

On Sunday, Mother Nature gave us a hot flash, somewhere upwards of 95 degrees.  We got up late, went out to breakfast and drove around the valley for a short time, stopping at various sights and some friends new  house.  When we got back to Gales house we all collapsed and just sat around staring at each other…we were hot sweaty lumps of nothingness.  I kept thinking I wanted to go out to Richards and visit and I wanted to see Mel and Jason and the kids again, but we simply couldn’t move.  We lumped on into the evening and fell into our hot beds, exhausted from visiting all day.  We had a great time and if I had my way, I’d see you all more often.  I love you all and until next time, be well and make good choices.

4 thoughts on “Reunion AND Union

  1. That was a great time and really how do you top that? Announcing my grandmotherhood? Winning a lottery? Life is good and I sincerely believe anything is possible.

  2. so wonderful seeing ya all…thank you for stopping by! Just bought a terrific fan for the living room and a flat screen t.v. for Gary…had to do it..he is working so hard at fixin’ things up. Hope to get up your way some day…..

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