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pain in the arseI’m guessing,  like most people with health insurance, there comes the ability to track all sorts of goodies via their insurance intertubes.  I was given a log in and password and viola’ I am treated to all things health related. In my opinion this particular site  has a little to  much stuff to weed through actually. The useful stuff like tracking visits and doctors, is somewhat hard to find, lurking behind flashy ads for all sorts of garbage which leads to a lot of time wasting and intertubes wandering.  So here I am poking around trying to find important information on my doctors and past visits.  Not being an insurance person, but simply a common serf, I know what I’m looking for but I don’t know what it’s called.  Seems to me ‘Dr visits’ would be appropriate, but no, they have to call it claims, as in ‘I claim all this money for myself’.  Did you know  the synoymn for claim is ‘demand’…figures.  But I digress.  Claims it is, I click to enter.

 I haven’t been to my GP for about a year now…knock on wood.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking that I don’t get yearly physicals, because I have one coming up.  Anyhoo, as I’m looking through my stuff I see a visit to a doctor that I don’t recognize on a date that I was out of town.  Wait a sec, did I just experience time travel and go to a doctor on a day I was somewhere else?  Interesting.  Or is it…?   As I scroll further into my investigation, I see  a note on said claim that is coded thusly  ND8: THE PROCEDURE CODE IS INCONSISTENT WITH THE PATIENT’S AGE. Yeah think?  Hey that should tell somebody, somewhere something…if they are paying attention.  I guess I’m that somebody somewhere, pointing it out to someone.

 I pick up my nearby phone and call the Dr’s office to point out that something is wacky on this claim and that it needs to be reversed.  No, problem, I am told, it will be done right away.  Excellent…or is it?   That phone call took place at least 2 months ago and  within that time frame  I’ve  followed up with additional phone calls requesting the correction. Earlier this week, I received in the mail, a bill for an office visit with this same doctor and date .  WTF?  Well of course I’m not going to pay it, but it has my name written all over it and most likely because it has my name all over it and I’m not going to pay it, it will go to collection.  If that happens I will be royally pissed, not just your middle of the road sorta pissed.  Stay tuned…

Disclaimer- this post is in NO way intended to annoy those who may or maynot be in the medical or insurance field, you know who you are. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Insurance whoas

  1. What you do is get a copy of your claim (UB82) take it to the office and ask for the medical records for that date. Show them that it was NOT YOU…unless someone stole your medical ID. (smiles)

  2. I agree to both responses, please do not let this go to collections, this is there error and they need to fix it, NOW.

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