Gym rats

gym rat


A long time ago in a city far away, I worked for a person.  This person thought she was a good person, but that subject was always up for debate.  Day after day I was forced to make her nasty potions and serve them to the public. Day after day grew into month after month.  The work was hard, but the pay? Also hard.  I got paid in rocks.  Rocks, my friend, don’t cash so good.  Because I got paid in rocks, I couldn’t eat so well, so I fell into a deep well of thinness.  I was so thin, my own mother said I didn’t look healthy.  Healthy, I wasn’t aiming for healthy, I could get into a size 4 pair of pants!  But that wasn’t really a goal either, sadly I couldn’t afford any food.  Around this same time I had ended a relationship and needed something to occupy my time, so I took up rowing.  As in a boat, with other rowers.  I liked this sport, I was suddently an unintended athlete.  Now along with the thinness, I was getting fit. I had muscles and stuff.  My affinity for this sport grew and grew and grew.  I was on the water anytime the boathouse was opened and they needed me in a boat.  I learned how to cox a boat, no really I did, I was the person that told the rowers how fast to go plus, I could whip them if they were slackers.  I won medals, I have them in a box somewhere.  I participated!  I had fun, I made friends and I was in great shape.

All the while I was in a rowing program, I was also driving 120 miles round trip for work and that was growing old.  I had a grown up job where I was now getting paid in $’s and able to afford food.  BUT, I grew weary of the daily drive, so I found a job closer to home.  About this time I met and fell in love with my very sweet husband.  I only had eyes for him.  I only had time for him, and the sharing of meals.  And alcohol.  And the gaining of weight.  I kept rowing for a few months after meeting him, but since I was scheduled to have a surgery anyway, which required a long recovery period,  I opted to drop my rowing program.  Needless to say I never got back into rowing and I miss it terribly.  Seattle is known for year round rowing and there are many clubs to choose from, which include a variety of rowers.  In fact we got married at a rowing club facility, but rowing  didn’t really have anything to do with our wedding…it was in our price range.  Anyhoo, I don’t row anymore and for that I am sad.  Around the first of this year I started working out again and changing how I eat.  Two things prompted this change in me.  The first was turning 50 and not wanting to grow frumpier. The second was a comment someone  made to me in January 09 , and I quote, ” Carla used to be so tiny, until she got married and didn’t care what she looked like anymore.”  um, bite me!  Not long ago when I saw this same someone after I had lost about 25 pounds, she told me how great I looked.  I told her the comment she made had been my motivation for  working out again..she was mortified.  Ha, bite me, again!   Eventually I’d like to get back into rowing, when I have time to spare and want to give it the time it needs.  

So with all that said… while I was at the gym the other day, there was a woman near me, doing circuit training.  This woman was  sweating profusely.  It is a custom when one works out at the gym, we wipe the machines down when we are finished, with the towel and sanitizer that are provided for us by the gym.  What a great idea!  Everyone does this clean up procedure, but some do it in a way that makes me want to really throw up.  This woman would do her repetitions, get more sweaty, wipe down the machine and then wipe her sweaty face.  With The. Same. Towel.  She would then move onto the next machine. She would  do her reps, get more sweaty, wipe the machine, wipe her face, clean up my throw up.  I was so grossed out, I had to move to a different part of the gym.  I’m just a little more careful how I wipe the machines BEFORE I start working out.

5 thoughts on “Gym rats

  1. Was the first wicked witch different than the second wicked witch? I want to hear more about the first wicked witch. Besides paying you in rocks, what made her especially wicked? And for those of us in ignorance (that would be me), what we the concoctions?

  2. ” Carla used to be so tiny, until she got married and didn’t care what she looked like anymore.”

    This same sentence could be said about me…I wish someone would say it and get me motivated again to get off my ass. Good for you getting back into the swing of things. But I avoid gyms like the plague because I fear I can actually CATCH the plague in one. 🙂

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