Birthday Girls

Birthday girls


Aren’t they precious?   My two birthday girls.   Yesterday was a magical day, we celebrated two birthdays at our house.  They were both 19 years old, which is old for a cat and young for a woman.  They love each other and it shows doesn’t it?

I acquired the little grey one 19 summers ago by way of Yakima Washington.  It was a very hot, dry, dusty day in Eastern Washington, it felt like it hadn’t rained for about 6 years.  The house I was visiting was overrun with wild barn cats.  The kind of cat that would rather scratch and claw, leaving you with bloody stumps, than be caught.  This little kitten was wild, but she didn’t move.  She was afflicted with an upper respiratory problem.  She had trouble getting her breath and her eyes were glued shut from icky eye goo.  She couldn’t see who was near, thus she didn’t run.  This kitten could fit in the palm of my hand she was so small.  She had no tail and various other abnormalities that I would find out about over the course of 19 years.  She also couldn’t find her food and I knew she was just days away from starvation, so I brought her home.  At first I wasn’t sure if I could love a kitten without a tail, but it never mattered, she’s a gem.  Most of the time that is.  Unless you count the other day when she was on the outside dinner table licking the butter…grrrr.

The other one, the girl with the beautiful brown eyes?  Well I acquired her in a different transaction.  She was my bonus gift that came along with her father, when we decided to become a family.  She told me yesterday morning at her birthday breakfast (where dad made her favorite-eggs benedict) about her memory of meeting me for the first time.  It was July 4th, 9 years ago and we were meeting up to go watch the fireworks.  I was standing on the curb near our green Mazda,  I looked at her over my sunglasses.  She recalls thinking that she didn’t think her dad could get someone so pretty…..I blush!  She has and is growing into such a nice person.  I applaud both her parents who have accomplished this feat.  Sweet Daughter, I love you, it is a delight to have you in my life.

Birthday presents.

We of course had gifts.  All of the flowers came from our yard.  Yeah, I love summer.  Our garden, it makes quite the arrangment.  In our neck of the woods, you never know what the weather will be like so it’s good to be prepared.  And what 90 degree day would be incomplete with out a Snuggie, especially, the Wild Thing version. 

wild thing snuggie  

6 thoughts on “Birthday Girls

  1. You are very lucky to have such sweet girls in your life. Her parents did a great job in raising her, all THREE of you, cuz I know that you are her “Mom” too, with all that includes. Can’t you just wait till Grand kids come along? Just kidding. Time flies faster each day. Enjoy and the best to all.


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