Snowy house

Snowy house, originally uploaded by carlae312.

I’m sure that sometime in January or during a VERY wintery weekend I will want to have at least half the temperate we’re going to have today. At the very least I will want sunshine. It’s suppose to be mid 90’s today and most likely 100 on Wednesday. huh!

5 thoughts on “Snowy house

  1. Hey Ms. Carla!

    How are you and MOFO doing? I was in Seattle yesterday for the day and wow! was it hot. Think of you guys often. Love the snowy picture.
    I travel to Seattle every now and then. Lunch sometime?


  2. At first I thought you hadn’t updated since January, but I knew it wasn’t true because I’ve been here since then. The snow house looks enticing. And now I want a snow cone!

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