Golf, a good walk spoiled.

Golf outing

Not a bad picture from the camera phone


We have this great neighbor who lives across the street, she has become a very good friend.  She was there with us the first time we sat on the roof to watch the fireworks.  She has been a cat and house sitter for us in the past.   We tease her when she goes out to ride her bike.  Why do we tease her?  Because she goes on these marathon rides of 150+ miles and we’re pretty sure she doesn’t break a sweat.  The first time we ever saw her she was sweeping her roof…that girl has some energy to burn.  We were talking with her on Saturday when she mentioned she was taking her boyfriend golfing for his birthday.  I muttered something about having golf clubs that hadn’t seen the light of day for about 3 years now.  She asked if we wanted to join them and we said, sure….we could go make fool of ourselves.   So we did, as evidence in the photo shows.

We had a blast.  It was so fun, but then again we didn’t keep score.  I’ve golfed with people that insist on playing by the book all the while trying to coach as we play, and that is not the scene I want to be. Simply said: unsolicited coaching just makes me cranky.   Thankfully none  of the four of us are that way, we were all very compatible and evenly matched.  Translation: we all shanked some balls, we all hooked some balls, we all had some good drives and none of us can putt.

As we were leaving we decided to meet back up at our house a few hours later to have dinner and to play Scrabble.  Sweet Husband is at the top of the leader board in our house for Scrabble.  His way of playing is strategy. My style is a combination of luck and a wee bit of strategy thrown in.  Translation:  I am mindful of NOT setting him up anywhere near a triple word score.  Others however have not been that wary.  Last night the set up was where he was able to spell SOX and DRINKS for a combined score of 57 points.  He walked away with a win, beating us all by a hefty 40+ points. 

All in all we had a great weekend, which included gardening, friends, exercise and laughter.  I’d say we have it pretty damn good.

5 thoughts on “Golf, a good walk spoiled.

  1. I occurs to me that I have never actually played a Scrabble game with youse husband. Will have to fix that soon. I need to be humbled…evil cackle.

  2. Your golf outing sounds exactly like the way I like to do it.

    But I would call foul on your husband… Isn’t Sox a pronoun – or do you allow those in your rules?

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