Actual conversation

It's my birthday and I'll party if I want to

It's my birthday and I'll party if I want to


We are having an extended summer with temperatures higher than usual, which I find quite nice.  It won’t be too long before I’m bitchin about the rain and cold, so I’ll take as much sun and warm as they want to send me.

With this nice weather we continue having as many meals as possible outside.  Last night was no exception.  As I started to clean up the table after dinner, so we could move to the other end of the yard and enjoy the evening, this is the actual conversation that occured.

“Honey, I’ll clean this up, don’t worry about it. Afterall this is your Birthday week.”  I said to Sweet Husband.

 “Is that like Shark week?” he asks with a grin.

Me back at him, “Yeah, just like that, but different”.

Join me in wishing my Sweet Husband a Happy 51st birthday today.  But don’t wait for any biting or creepy shark music, we don’t celebrate that way.  We will have carrot cake though, stop on in if you’re in the area.

10 thoughts on “Actual conversation

  1. Just past the half century mark, eh? If you are like me, I don’t feel old until the grandkids have a birthday, so you have some time yet. Rich says “instead of counting the wrinkles, this is when the wirnkles start to count.” Don’t ask what that means, he just thought it sounded kinda neat. So many more Happy Birthdays!

  2. Spell check! “wirnkles” should be wrinkles. See, getting too old to spell correctly without help. I don’t have the same problems as Rich (16 year old mind and 60 year old body) but I’m getting there. 55 Alive!!!

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