Party of One


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My life lately has been consumed with work and since I generally don’t write about work, I haven’t written much.  So instead I’ll entertain you with some new choice for the blog layout and photos.  In fact if you like to participate in this blog layout, suggest a photo, or send me one.  If you don’t have my email addy, it’s over —–>>> beneath my photo.  If I pick your photo, I’ll also send you a PRIZE!!!  Did I say prize?  Yes I did, oh what could it be? 

I like change.  That word alone causes trama and panic in a lot of people, but I am not one of them.  Perhaps it’s my gypsy like nature, the nomad in me, or I simply get bored quicker.  But I like to tweek my environment, by moving furniture, painting walls, or doing a remodel, most likely to the chagrin of my Sweet Husband who will most like be recruited to ‘help’.  Yesterday I brought home a side table that needed to be assembled.  What is not told in the instructions are any tools you might need and the fact you will need the arms of Kali to minimize the frustration level.  Insert piece Q in tab B, but only after you have to redrill the hole in piece C.  After a few choice moments we finally accomplished this task and we now have matching end tables, like real grown ups, with matching furniture.  Hell it only took just a little over 50 years to not look like the early college collection from the Goodwill.

So about the change thing.  We’re going to paint the living room, mostly because it needs it, not because I really have a burning desire to remove everything in the living room and dining room.  But it will be fresh and clean and new.  I also like new.  That doesn’t mean it has to be ‘brand’ new, but simply new to me.  Yes we will use new paint, I do have my limits, and, and, and… and what? I’ll just post some photos when we are done.  You’ll like it I promise.  And if you don’t, you come here and paint it.  Now that’s a prize I can live with. 

5 thoughts on “Party of One

  1. I like change as well. However, in my universe, change happens at glacial speed. Good thing I live in a large house with plenty of room for the cardboard box collection; attic, basement, sunroom, cupboards.

    You know living in a mobile home in our early years clearly limited how much house rearranging one could do. I believe there was a rug that was put down in winter and taken up in the the sleeper couch to either go against the kitchen wall or the bedroom wall and those were the choices. That is probably what lead to so many tours of mobile homes and the children were told to STAY in the car.

  2. Change, let’s see. Dimes, nickels, quarters.
    I’ll take 2 of each.
    Oh, you mean “change!!!” Good for you and your Sweet Husband. Can’t wait to see it. I’m with Royce, as in the speed of moving ice. Richard likes things that don’t match. Too much grey in his past life I think. Me, I’m a match maker. We have many discussions about that.

  3. Oh and the non matching bed side tables? are SO in and have been, not outrageously mismatched tables but similar color, slighty different height and/or size are acceptable. Designers hate “Matchy matchy”. Go figure.

  4. I like the picture with the garden and red chair. It is soothing. 🙂

    Change and I don’t blend well. In fact, I hate change with a passion. But it happens whether I want it to or not. I am tryingt o get better with how I deal with it.

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