Potpourri- Friday’s edition

I think it’s fairly obvious that I don’t do a lot of self promotion, or I would have had many more excellent guesses on the cheese contest.  So with that said, WE HAVE A WINNER. Richard guesses 1323 pounds and although that is over by a few pounds he is declared the WINNER.  You will be receiving in the mail a selection of fine cheeses.   Can you email me your street address, no PO boxes please.  🙂

The largest cheese I’ve had the pleasure of cutting was called a Mammoth Cheddar and this one was 1000 pounds.  This is a young cheddar cheese and very mild in flavor.   The yellow cheese encased in wax, was on a wooden pallet so it could be taken in and out of the cooler every night in order to lower the possibility of mold.  It took at least two people to begin the initial cuts and this was done with a piano wire wrapped around two wooden handles.  Before we could start the actual cutting, we would score the wax.  This was done for a couple of reasons…first to show how we were going to divide the cheese into sections.  And secondly to create a trough for the wire to be placed into to maintain a straight cut.  This cheese was busted down into manageble pieces and it was usually done on the sales floor of  the store to create ‘theatre’.  It was a fun process and we sold a lot of cheese.   I don’t remember being sore after slicing up this bad boy, but I bet I’d be sore if I attempted that now. 

I couldn’t find  an image of a 1000 lb mammoth cheddar on the intertubes, but click on the link and read about the history of cheddar.  This woman does outstanding carving on a variety of cheese, it’s amazing and I’ve seen her work at some of the conferences I’ve attended.  This particular mammoth is about 350 pounds as a point of reference for what 1000 pounds might look like.

See it pays to pay attention and make guesses…I think I’ll have another contest soon….what will it be?


4 thoughts on “Potpourri- Friday’s edition

  1. address has been sent. we haven’t had a PO box for better than 5 years. we are uptown now! sure confuses the mailers, tho.

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