Post Thanksgiving wrap-up

Isn’t it odd that a day can start and end with the same pie?  Oh my this was a yummy pie. My last attempts at baking a pie weren’t met with very successful results.  Unless you like a sticky messy pile of goo on your plate topped with ice cream, then I can fix you up most of the time.  This pie however was near perfect.  The only thing that would have made this pie more perfect is, if it had brought itself to me on a plate covered with vanilla ice cream.

I have determined that baking is a science and I am not a scientist.  I’m more of a “wing it” sort of gal as I like to throw in additional flavors when I cook for tasty combinations of savory goodness.  We have a friend that is a tremendous baker and she is that way because she is very careful and precise in how she goes to task.  She is also very good at sharing, which is unfortunate for our waist lines.  She thinks nothing of baking scones, bread and cinnamon rolls in the same weekend.  However when it comes to creating something out of the fridge with what she has, she doesn’t have the ability or imagination to bring it all together.  I used to make cookies because I was bored and had time.  I was also rowing so I had the built-in calorie burning mechanism going on.  Now cookies are something that I do once a year and it’s only one kind….my yearly thumbprint cookie, coming to a kitchen near you in mid December. I never waver on this recipe, it’s my favorite and if I did it more often I would grow weary of its delight.

So yesterday it was Sweet Husband and myself for dinner.  Sweet Daughter was with us overnight but then she was off to her mom’s for dinner.  This was an odd year for us as we are usually with family, but that has been put off for a day in order to celebrate his sister’s Birthday.  We knew that we would still want to eat, so we did a small dinner.  We cooked about a 10lb bird, had brussel sprouts, dressing, mashed potatoes, a yam, rolls and pie.  Neither one of us over ate, much.  We have plenty of leftovers to last a few days…which means minimal cooking.  Unless you count turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey casserole and potato pancakes.  Yeah, we’re done cooking for a while, but not necessarily done eating.

All in all it was a nice relaxing day, unless you were the turkey, then not so much.  We did go for a long walk so we could have this sort of meal with minimal guilt.  All of the tasty morsels turned out fine, and we ended the evening with pie so good I didn’t mind fetching it myself.

8 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving wrap-up

  1. Love the pics, looks and sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxed day. We would have loved to been there with you, but just couldn’t handle the idea of a 7 hour drive there just to have to turn around and drive home before Sunday. Sunday the guy with the tractor is coming to put in holes to plant all those big trees we bought last week.

    Your brother and I decided on a roast because we couldn’t find a smaller sized turkey, something under 10 lbs like we had last year. All the trimmings with it, spuds, wonderful phil gravy, rhodes rolls (just like home made), cherry pie and icecream… veggies cooked with the roast (no stuffing obviously – I would have stuffed it if I would have come up with an idea on how to 😉

  2. We decided to do something a little different this year. The turkey was cooked the night before, along with the taters for mashing. The next morning, all I had to do was make the gravy, stovetop stuffing (in the microwave) and yams. We bought a pumpkin pie from Sam’s and still have half of it left. Worked out well as Rich could take a “plate” of stuff into your mom and Ollie. Whether they ate it or not, don’t know as we haven’t heard. Richard is calling right now. Smelled wonderful all night and was not worn out totally on turkey day. Just had my parents and Robby so was a small affair. Lisa had to work and Heather and girls went to my youngest brother’s home. All in all, we had a nice time.

  3. We also cooked the majority of the meal the night before, as we went to the Bronco game. We had our dinner before leaving and it was awesome. Leo is a great cook, I baked a pumpkin pie, which was to die for.

    It looks like everyone was thankful for a great meal with their loving families.

  4. That pie does look incredible! As someone who tried her hand at pie making herself this year, I commend you for your pie making skills. It is a lot harder than it looks. Maybe because all those bakers make it look so effortless. 🙂

  5. We suffered through FIVE different pies; two pumpkin, mine was better and got eaten up, one apple, one cherry and one pecan. Way too much sweets.

    Your pie looked wunnerful. I should try a good old apple pie,except I am afraid I would have to freeze the thing before it went bad.

  6. Nice pictures. I don’t think I can bake a pie. I’m not a big pie person anyway. I make the easy stuff :). Key Lime pie turned out yummy!

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