Journal entry

Day Two:  Sandwiches made with leftover rolls, butter and previously carved pieces of turkey make their ways into our menu.  Apple pie has always been better on the following days, and the ice cream only gets bigger with each scoop as does our waistlines.

Day three:  Mashed potatoes, thin tasteless gravy, and stuffing are not enhanced by any amount of time spent in the microwave, and yet, it’s our next meal.  We shovel it down like it’s our final dinner and wipe our mouths as we conclude with a small, not quiet so silent, ‘bur-rap’.

Day four:  The cats can finally take their pleasure with the turkey leg bone as we’ve picked what meat we can for our meat pie.  The bone is polished white within the hour and I wonder where the small aged kitten draws its strength from to conquer such a beastly meal.

Day Five:  We’ve finally left the house and our world is bright with lights all around us.  There are odd variations of red, blue, white twinkles raining down upon us in a variety of shapes.  Tree, stars, melting ice, we’re surrounded by lights that will surely only shine for a short amount of time within the next month or so.  We have passed into the next holiday era. Our walk is brief.  We stroll across the street, to our nearest neighbors, who have invited us, in all of their newness as a couple,  for a hosted dinner of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and pie.  We don’t resist the invitation for dinner, for as in the words of the Borg….restiance is futile.  mmm, futile!

5 thoughts on “Journal entry

  1. I am going to attempt a turkey pie, someone left a box of Jerusalem artichokes at work, I grabbed some and I shall try that with the left over turkey, and a pie crust and see how that turns out. Having never tasted Jeruselum artichokes I am told it resembles turnip or parnips in taste and is slightly sweet, think stuffed green olives would hold up well in a pie?

  2. I must have done a very good job of figuring out portions, because in the end there weren’t much by the way of leftovers. It must have also helped that we started eating at 8:30 pm and with all that drinking and conversation, no one was into stuffing themselves silly after 10pm.

    So when’s the next visit to Italy?

  3. I felt all sorry and everything because a friend of mine had to split her family in order to work in family Thankgiving dinners and she didn’t cook her bird until this week? She and her daughter visited an ancient auntie and went to Sizzlers. Her husband and son drove out of town to visit some cousins. I have completely run out of left overs and I really would like some about now……I’m thinking Sizzlers next year and cook the bird if and when I wanna.

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