That’s weird, it seems all I’ve been doing is working and since I don’t really write about work, I haven’t written anything.  And the only reason that I’m making time to write is because I’m out of town….for work.  Huh!

So here’s a quick update.

Weather has been cold, I mean really cold.  Idaho cold!  The kind of weather where it’s sunny and gorgeous but you know that all the plants that you bought back in the spring time will never see the light of day again due to the extreme cold.  I liked it, it reminded me of how I could possibly like winter again, for a short time, maybe. Naaaah! Stop holding your breath on that one.

We had a Holiday Gathering at our home this last weekend.  We didn’t have one last year and it was nice to have a year off, we didn’t have a summer party this past year either…what’s wrong with us?  Nothing, we’re  just lazy!  About two weeks before the party we (as in me) decided that the stain glass window in the bathroom needed to come out, and the framing around it, and the bathroom needed new paint.  If you count all the primer the bathroom got at least 4 new coats.  One coat of paint required a ‘family meeting’, because the color was, shall we say, awful?  I was out of town, (of course) and Sweet Husband tackled the job.  He’s a natural, and also did house painting for a few summers with some pro outfit, so he’s pretty good.  anyhoo, the color was icky and so we went back to the drawing board.  Oh and on top of that we decided to wall paper one of the big walls…yeah what a couple of dorks we are.  But it all turned out fine and it looks like a bathroom of this century, or at the very least the last decade of the last century. 

Well it’s a short post, but now I’m off to get some sleep…work calls early tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “wow

  1. Knock, knock, knock…Design Police here ma’am. We will need to have a picture of the wall paper. There may be a fine or an award. Thank you for your cooperation.

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