Well that was fun!

Here we are in our team garb, bespeckled Bronco fans for the big game.  We made nachos, drank beer and we cheered, a lot.  I even called for the team to bring on  the ‘sparkle plays’.  Those  are the plays that the New York times refers to as ‘trickery’.  And that’s all I’m going to say about football.  Oh wait one more thing, I didn’t even go to school there, but then again neither did a lot of BSU fans.  Welcome to the team!

5 thoughts on “Well that was fun!

  1. Surprisigly my alma mater but I intermittently watched Oregon get beaten by Ohio at the Rosebowl. BSU did stomp Oregon on Labor Day. I had a book to read just in case.

  2. Leo and I got each other Bronco gear for Christmas, I wore my Kyle Wilson # 1 jersey and Leo wore his Bronco Fiesta Bowl sweat shirt and hat…. Had a great time and glad we won…

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