2009, the big review

I’ve heard a lot of people say they sure are glad that 2009 is over and we can start over in 2010.  What do they know that I don’t?  Is it like passing go in Monopoly where we all get $200?  Did we land on Chance and get a “free get out of Jail’ card?  I guess I don’t understand that logic that by the mere changing of a calendar date, we get a fresh start.  I thought the calendar was a simple way to track time…huh!   The calendar is also a way to track the dates on photos.  All of the photos posted here today were taken in the month associated with the post…isn’t that clever?

2009 was a good year, as years go.  I was healthy, happy and not generally cranky, for the most part.  I present my pictorial 2009 year in review.

San Francisco

The San Francisco treat

As many January’s in the past, Sweet Husband and I traveled to San Francisco so I could attend a trade show.  The weather was gorgeous, in the low 70’s and it made it hard to come back to Seattle’s gray and ick.  I had a very busy January, which makes the time go very fast.

getting my drink on

Already groggy from all of that work and travel in January, in  February, I’m trying to wake up and smell the coffee.  I don’t know how I manage to be asleep, drink coffee AND take my own photo.  It’s a talent!  February was lean in the posting department.  We did manage to start working out at the YMCA, but got some ‘wrong’ advice from a sales person at Sears.

St pats

St Patrick's day nachos in Hawaii

March found us in sunny Hawaii.  After celebrating Sweet Husbands 50th birthday in 08 “Hawaii style”, we decided that we should celebrate mine 2009, on the actual island.  Oh baby that was so nice, huh what, ok I’m back.  I was day-dreamin there for a minute. The photo is odd, I know.  We were at a Mexican restaurant, ocean side, having nachos listening to Irish Jigs as it was St Paddy’s day.     In March of 2009 I also showed my prowess as a liar.  Again, it’s a talent.

gardening, you're doin it right

Gardening Seattle style

April found us working in the yard, greening up the yard and drinking wine as we water the veggies.  That’s my kind of gardening.  Last April I also told you how NOT to play softball, or more specifically how I shouldn’t play softball….ever!

garden flair

the lupine wall

We get the most gorgeous flowers in May.  I love the lupine, but they don’t last very long.  It’s a good thing we have a camera.  In May I continued to go on about the weather and all the delights that sunshine bring to my life.  This would be the part that minimizes my crankiness….the weather that is, when it’s nice.

garden tour

LFP Secret garden tour pic

June saw us attending the Lake Forest Park Secret Garden Tour.  It’s an annual event and I always get some new ideas.  Some times the ideas are even good.   I was off to the East coast in June of 2009 where I attended a trade show in Atlanta.  Again with the weather subject, I was fortunate to not sweat to death or have to dodge any hurricanes.  It was pleasant, saw lots of stuff and was reminded of how the west coast is far superior in it’s geology.  In June my family also had a family reunion in Idaho which resulted in tremendous turnout.  I am so glad we did that reunion thingy, what with Mom’s passing in December.  At this reunion we had a surprise wedding, which is not like a surprise weeding at all. (frankly I would love a surprise weeding to jump start the gardening) My dilemma….the reunion was in June, but the post was in July…aughhhh the anguish.

shed working

Primer on the shed

July found us looking for relief from the heat.  It was the first time that Seattle had recorded a temperature in the 100’s.  On the hottest day of the year I found myself in a hotel for work….poor me!  I finally posted about the family reunion and talked about another reunion with Sweet Husband’s family.  We had a good July, we never once ran out of water. In July 2009 we also tackled painting the shed.  What would our life be without projects?

Scrabble hats

Scrabble hats

August gave us a new friend across the street, more great weather and guests guests and more guests.  August was also gave us another chapter in the saga of MY SIGHT.

the only pic I could find taken in Sept

The only pic that I could find from Sept, ignore the blurr

Ah, September, probably my favorite month of the whole year.  Why you ask?  Well because all the spring and summer work is done and we can sit back and relax and watch everything evolve.  In September we had chapter 2 in my eye saga.  I was also narcissistic and did a montage of photos of who else….us.

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee

In October we were invited to a friends cabin on Lake Wenatchee in Eastern Washington,  it was very relaxing and nice.  If you call being forced to stay up until 3am singing karaoke relaxing.  October also was the day of reckoning for my eyeballs.  I really couldn’t be happier with how I see now.

relaxin, your doin it right

Relaxing, you're doing it right!

November brought us a couple of teeny projects.  It was my idea to move the furniture, get rid of the tv in the front room AND paint.  My very Sweet Husband is so so patient with me.  I don’t mean his patience with me is so-so, his patience with me is amazing.  At least he knows how to relax after these marathon endeavors.  November also showed us the big cheese is and what a naked turkey looks like.

Scrabble game

The ultimate smackdown, Scrabble with the sibs

December 2009 I hardly remember and it’s the closest month in the past.  With the death of Mom, December seems years in the past and whatever we did is all a haze.  But I know this, I had an awesome time with my brothers and sisters.  When have you ever heard of a family this large NOT fighting over anything when a parent dies?  I love the fact that we are all agreeable, loving and able to be silly in the oddest of times.  December introduced me to skype .  Skype is how I got to see Sweet Husband and Daughter on Christmas day.  Sweet Daughter has a camera on her Mac so I could see them but they couldn’t see me, but little did I know that Santa brought me a webcam.  YAY!   Now I can skype with my friend in Finland….I love technology.

All in all and in spite of some obvious pitfalls, 2009 was a good year for us.  I think Rudy’s right when he spoke at mom’s funeral about attitude.  He told us that 95% of a situation is how we react to it.  So with that said,  let’s make 2010 the year of a good attitude, I know I will.

5 thoughts on “2009, the big review

  1. Well the results of my last 3 or 4 years I am always hopeful that the next is better. It is in attitude in which you recieve what goes on. ‘that which does not kill me only makes me stronger’ . I think I should be made of concrete…:)

  2. Skype! I remember the first thing in my head when asked if I skype….

    “You think I really want anyone to see me in my jammies and with no makeup on??!!!” It is just so huge here, but then italians love not only all forms technology (the savvy italians anyway), but all modes of getting to yakkity yak with each other. One of my friends thought it scandalous when I told him that I loathed cellphones during my 9-5 days (now it’s like…why should I even have one, I don’t work). Earth to outerspace, ET call home, just beam me up already…

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