Lucy? splain!

whoa there

Perhaps someone could explain this to me.  I snapped this photo on Sunday of this week, the date would have been Jan 10.  It wasn’t Christmas, nor was it Halloween. Could be some sort of warped American-ized Epiphany holiday my friendRubber Slippers in Italy tells? It is called La Befana in Italy…looks cool to me.   As for we Americans, so far I think we are safe from all the of Epiphany-day clearance sales.

2 thoughts on “Lucy? splain!

  1. Sung to Old McDonald Had a Farm

    La Befana…up a tree.
    Me I me I oh!
    La Befana…bring some toys to me.
    Me I me I Oh!

    Happy La Befana! Did I get that right?

  2. Well it could be a new chapter in the Wizard of Oz!! This is the Wicked Witch of the North (Pole), who was tragically killed by a telephone (Pole)……

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