San Francisco


I wish I really could play the piano, it looks like so much fun! I’ll be back to my irregular blogging in a day or so.  We’re on our way home from San Francisco, where it’s rained unbelievably hard.  First time in his life Sweet Husband actually purchased an umbrella.  It’s moist here!

Happy Mid January!

4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. I like to pretend I am playing the piano when I am transcribing. The voices I listen to are not musical in any way, usually more of a rushed drone. (OOh what a great name for a rock band…And now on stage Rushed Drone!!!!!)
    Whilst pretending to play das piano I mentally toss my hair and flourish my hands theatrically over the keyboard. And truth be told I can only do this mentally because if I take my hands off the keyboard I will be typing unrecognizable gibberish….as opposed to recognizable gibberish. I LOVE show biz!!

  2. My next life I am going to be a piano player. I think it was listening to Dave Mason band when I first fell in love with the Piano. I think maybe I will play like this in my next life.

    Our schedules in CA just missed. I leave Thursday morning.

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