Pictures from the past

It must be a family trait, but I love looking at old photos.  Once her eyesight failed, my Grandma would look at photos by touch.  She would run her crooked fingers over the edges and tell me who was in each one.  It was  amazing.  My mom had countless photo books.  They were countless because I didn’t bother to count them.  Perhaps someone else did? I was a little more slippery with mom when it came to looking at photos.  I wasn’t as fascinated with her photos of somebodies roses or rhody’s.   I guess I could have paid more attention.   I only brought one photo album home from her house when she died this last December.  The above photo is one from that album that speaks to me.  I love this young family, they hold such promise as well as the occasional piss and vinegar.  In the original photo my dads face is in a very dark shadow, but with the magic of photoshop along with Sweet Husbands talent, he was able to get the detail to pop out.  Get it?  It’s my Pop, the daddie-o, my father.  Anyhoo, it’s a very sweet photo.  If you want a longer stroll down memory lane, click on the flickr link in the right hand column, there’s more to see.  I have a bunch more to scan and these will be of the most photographed baby in the history of babies….my little brother Jim.  Gawd, that baby was cute.

4 thoughts on “Pictures from the past

  1. I remember that trip to Arizona. I’m not sure who took the picture, possibly May Green more likely a complete stranger. Richard is taller than Dad and still had not come in contact with the can of black spray paint. Does anyone remember Mom throwing a complete fit and falling into it when the springs broke on the trailer? We were way to Hell and gone on the rim headed to Idaho. We sat there and Dad seemed to think that some one be along in a bit. Sure, enough they were, some guys with a welding rig of all things stopped, Dad made some repairs and we limped into the next town for more permanent repairs. I think the folks were down to their last 12 bucks or something. Yeah, in the same case I might lend myself to a bit of hysterics.

  2. I remember this quite vividly, the tree Dad is holding in on the edge of a shear drop off and I wasn’t getting any closer. The broken shock on the trailer story was told at many family gatherings after and I don’t think Mom ever got over it.

  3. I was thinking of writing about the same thing. Ya beat me to the punch. I think the photo is really cool. I love old pictures.

  4. Old photos are such a treasure. A few months before my husband’s father passed away we dug out their old slides and had a picture party. It was so interesting to see my husband’s parents before they had kids and pictures of my husband and his brothers as they grew up.

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