What you want?

Does this even resemble a heart?  No, not a real heart.  I mean a heart that one might give for Valentine’s day, or for an anniversary or if you’re silly enough…two weeks after your anniversary when it might be your birthday.

I have to confess I wasn’t very clever when it came to picking a wedding date.  I did pick my dad’s birthday so that  made it extra special…..and it was in the middle of winter which made it extra fun for people traveling to the function.  There may have been fog and delays and buses, but no one got hurt.  Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before, but Valentine’s day, is closely followed by our wedding anniversary, followed closely by my birthday.  For about 6 weeks around our house there is a constant celebration going on….we really should leave up the Christmas lights.  Consequently when I receive a very nice gift from my Sweet Husband, in conjunction with one of these special occasions, inevitably I forget which occasion it matches up with.  So we’ve made it easy, just cards.  That doesn’t sound to hard does it… unless you’re me and you forget to get a card.  For Valentine’s I confessed this faux pas to my Sweet man and he suggested that I make him one.  So I did and it was sweet with red hearts and lots of heart like words, he’s very clever.  It’s in the picture, next to the heart shaped pancake.  As for gifts, I don’t need anything anyway, unless it’s new garden gloves and it doesn’t matter when I get those.

In the spirit of celebration we’re going to take a short break, hand the house and cats over to the very well armed and attentive house sitters and take off for parts unknown.    We tell people we’re going to the coast….aren’t we lucky.  Photos to follow, after all we are beginning our 10th year together.  Wednesday the 24th is #9.  WOW!

5 thoughts on “What you want?

  1. Wishing you many more!!! Valentines, anniversaries, and birthdays. Have fun on your trip. We will be thinking good thoughts.

    P.S. we did things fast and easy. Our anniversary was the day BEFORE valentines day, Shorty was Richard’s best man, and we celebrated at the deli. We gave maybe two days notice to family. Richard’s ex called the Tuesday after reading the Messenger Index and wanted to know if she was invited. I thought she had a lot of nerve. When Rich told her she was too late, she hung up on him. Great present for me!

  2. Happy B-Day Carla, have a wonderful vacation. If you are just out putting miles under your belt sight seeing maybe you will make it all the way to Reeds Port, if you do turn left, 40 miles, and drop in for a visit.. That would be a great present for us 😉

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