Home away from home.

We are not the average, er uh…anything.  I was going to say we aren’t average vacationers but then as I thought about it, I think we’re too boring/different to be average.  We like to stay in some out of the way places, and do different stuff.  That’s why when we were looking for a place to stay while in Hawaii, we found  the Vacation Rental by Owner Website,  there we found a great little farm to visit.  Keolamauloa was near perfect for us.  Kaye the owner along with her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter live in this little slice of heaven.  AND they share it with people that want to experience something different while in Hawaii.  Situated at  the 1800 foot elevation they are high enough to be green and lush, yet still get the warmth, but not heat of a typical Hawaiian day.  I slept with blankets every night and we were cozy in their two bedroom unit.  I was up before sunrise everyday so I could greet the morning with the birds and listen to the area wake up.  On this 4 acre farm they practice sustainable farming and we had some awesome conversations with Kaye about growing their own fertilizer, the importance of taro and how this section of the island has had more rain than any other part of the Big Island.  Hilo which generally gets about 180 inches of rain per year is painfully dry and going through a drought.  Climate change is on the march.

Unfortunately the first night of our stay some calves were having an inter-farm chat session and they were LOUD.  Try this. At the top of your lungs yell out, MMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMUUUUUUMMMMM, waivering the pitch ever so slightly.  You might scare small children or animals so secure the area first.  I know you kids that have some rural back ground know what that sounds like.  Now pretend that you’ve grown up in a rather urban area and you haven’t had a lot of exposure to farm animals.  If one didn’t know what that was, one might imagine it could be a giant monster, right out of the ice age or at best, the movies. The bovine chat went on into the wee hours of the morning, so it’s no wonder that as Sweet Husband was shaken out of his sleep he kept thinking of dinosaurs, so he told me the next morning.  We of course then took that to the next level pointing out herds of dinosaurs as they dotted the landscape, on our drives around the island.

If anyone would have told me 20 years ago that I’d be targeting a farm to live on, I would have thought them crazy.  Pardon the pun, but the idea has sprouted and we’re going to try and harvest that idea sooner rather than later.  Hawaii is not just pretty beaches, resorts, and mai tai’s.  You can have Mai Tai’s in farm country too….we did.

5 thoughts on “Home away from home.

  1. After spending the majority of my youth on the farm or working for farmers I swore that I would never do it again. But here we are and it ain’t so bad, 4 acres too small to plow too big to hoe.

  2. Cool that you found VRBO for vacation rentals. We used to be good friends with the couple from Colorado that started that site, guess we still are, just have not talked to them in quite a few years. When we first met they were just getting started with the idea of vacation rental by owners, now they cover every part of the world, neat success story.

    An acreage in HI, life would sure be good! I can see it now, you will have an organic garden and chickens, mongooses will visit and so will your friends and family, you can have a little mother in law cottage and we will come and overstay our welcome!

  3. A farm? A FARM???! My grandpa raised goats, pigs, and one cow. Odd smells, strange sounds, all good to me. Every time you mention something in regards to setting up a new life over there, I like what I hear. It would be just too fantastic to visit and drink Mai Tai’s with you and Sweet Husband.

  4. I don’t think I could sleep one wink in a place like that. I am one of those people that every weird noise at night freaks me out. But it does sound pretty impressive and it looks beautiful!

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