Friday Wrap up

I LOVE the caption participation, one  made both Sweet Husband and I laugh out loud, which means they were all funny, but one was funniest. It was first time ever commenter,  Lawna, whose caption was,  “What did I do to deserve those???????”  Thanks Lawna, you made my day.  You get some cheese (at least it’s not olives).  We’ll do the caption thingy again, it was fun.

Today however is yet another version of  Flash Fiction Friday…a short story in 55 words, no more, no less. I tried this a few weeks ago and it was a great experiment.  Again, check out  Mr Knowitall for more Flash Fiction Friday entries.

The Nap

I play possum next to you, listening to you breathe.   Strong arms protecting me, holding me, my back, against your chest.  As you slip toward slumber, electrical tremors of your relaxation deepen with each tiny sigh.  My contentment lies within you. Being held.  Being close.  Being cherished, while you gain the rest that rewards you.

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