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As you read this page look over to your left and scroll down just a bit and look for a button that says Business 2 Blogger. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Ok, good. This little link is a place, as they say, “where businesses and bloggers play nice”. Business 2 Blogger is a website that matches up registered bloggers with registered businesses to create product reviews on their beloved items or services. The whole idea is for each of these two entities to gain traffic and ultimately for the businesses to, well, garner more business. Circle of retail life my friends. So I thought, what the heck, I have an opinion I can review stuff, so here we are.

I’m going out on a limb right now saying that I may be tardy in this review. I was sent this product a few weeks ago…gulp. Hear me out! I googled this product and the results of that search returned to me were reviews other people from Business2Blogger had created on this same product line…so I waited to hit the interwebs with my review.  With all of that said, let’s proceed.

Magna Pod products came my way with the promise of restoring my medicine cabinet to a fully functional organized mecca. Magnetic,..movable…adjustable, the amazing function of bringing order to my cosmetics. The packaging contained these magical words resulting in my organizational gene jumping it into high gear. (I say organized, others may say fusspot) For those of you who don’t know me as well as say, people that I live with….I’m am an organizational geek. Even my places have places. I can find any receipt from any purchase dating back to 1999. I’m not a pack rat, I just know where things are. Oddly enough, I sometimes will misplace my glasses, only to discover they are solidly perched on the top of my head, pushing the hair out of my eyes. It’s not that they are lost, they are simply performing a multiple use.

These Magna Pods are housed in gorgeous packaging and are very well made. These little pods made of acrylic have removable innards that flex with the size of what one would need to store. They also come with a magnet attached to the back so the end user (cool industry term) can place it on the inside of their medicine cabinet. I however had one teensy little problem….neither one of my medicine cabinets are metal. whaaaa! Now what was I going to do? I signed up to do a review and I didn’t want to come off like some wing nut, in order to get free product. So I thought about alternate uses and came up with this…

It’s my sample fridge out in our shed. I am always looking for things to write with for my work and I can never find a pen, and this is PERFECT. I often have to mark boxes as they arrive and write dates on perishable samples so I know who they are for or when they will be out of code date. Viola!!! This is an awesome thing for me. But I wasn’t finished….I did this!

This is my fridge in my kitchen. Notice the pink pad for grocery lists? Notice the VERY cool holder for pens? Notice how much crap I have on the fridge and this is just a small quadrant…but I digress. We write lists, and buy groceries, and quite often the list will actually go with us to the store, it’s quite handy. ( total side bar here, sometimes when I’m at a friend/relative’s house I will write obscure things on their grocery lists, like condoms or Hustler magazine…it’s funny…to me, mostly.)

I know it’s not what the creators of Magna Pods had in mind, but look at all the new avenues for marketing and diversification (cool industry term). The product is already made, and that’s the hard part. I think if they create some additional packaging they could market “Fridge Pods” or “Tool-box pods” or “School locker Pods”. The Pod uses are almost endless.

So with all of that said, I have two disclaimers. The photos were NOT, taken by my Sweet Photographer husband and the compensation I was given for this review was free product, which I now handily use on both of my refrigerators. For anyone that lives in a small space, like a boat or RV these are pretty awesome!

4 thoughts on “For your review

  1. So where do I got to find the blow up bathtub insert and the spray on panty hose?

    I nearly choked last night caught a semi-late night advertisement for a comb over comb kind of thing. The resulting hair
    styles were STRAIGHT out of my 1965 School Year Book. Honest!!

  2. I actually Googled spray on panty hose, no such thing but there IS a spray on stuff that LOOKS like panty hose,wipes off with soap and water does not take hair with it…

    And could not google plastic bathtub insert, I find various sized inflatable bathtubs for baby and invalid adults. Erk.
    The tub insert I want allows you to convert your tub into a ner Japanese cedar book soaking experience, hot water up toyour neck. Yeah!

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