Wow, sorry for the downer.

There’s nothing like going to a funeral to make me realize that life could all be gone in an instant.  Saturday evening Sweet Husband and I went to a service to celebrate the life of a man that had died in a horrific motorcycle accident.  This accident changed so many peoples lives, the wife now left a widow, the 15 year old daughter that was the sparkle in her dad’s life, his nieces who were like second and third daughters, they all collectively feel this magnificent departure.   The loss, the wake that death leaves, is very wide.

But there is a loss that is equally awful, and that is the loss of  innocence of the 16 year old driver that turned into the path of a motorcycle on a beautiful spring morning. 16 years old.  Most of our children are older than 16, and for some, the ages of your grandchildren.  16 is incredibly young to have that horrific burden of cause and effect.  You and I…we all thought that we were invincible at that age and if we were very fortunate we’ve aged into our comfortable lives right now, stretching into multiple decades.  I hope this young person has a strong family who will love him and have kind and healing ways to help him deal with this situation.  I’m sure it will be long suffering for him and his family.

I’ve had a few too many funerals to attend lately and it would be ok to stop for a while.  About every 3 or 4 days I find myself thinking that I haven’t talked to mom for a while and that I should call.   I wonder when that feeling will ease up…it’s just so odd.

My point is this….death is always imminent.  Say what you mean, mean what you say.

3 thoughts on “Wow, sorry for the downer.

  1. and don’t waste a breath… i was on a jury, civil ‘wrongful death’ charges, against a man who had clearly done nothing wrong – but the family of a dead 21 year old could not accept the fact that their only son could have run the red light. it MUST have been the other drivers fault… it broke my heart in a million pieces to see the tragedies replayed — four years after the accident.

    not just the family of the dead son, but the man who had been driving home from work and through no fault of his own hit a car, resulting in death.

  2. Okay I find myself thinking that I should call Mom as well and then remember, I don’t have LONG distance.

    So I have called Ollie a couple of times and chatted with her. She loves to hear from folks. R

    PS: Leaving a message on this brown background is kind of scary. R

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