We have a saying at our house when we are offering something  more than an ambivalent  opinion.  That saying is, “I don’t hate it”.  I am putting this BLOG theme in that particular category, “I don’t hate it”.  When I look at blogs or any website, if it doesn’t hurt my eyes, there’s a fairly good chance I’m gonna stick around and read the content.  I am, as you might guess, rather fussy.  I like larger fonts, more muted colors and the ability to move around the  web furniture, if you will.

So with that said, I’ll leave this theme as is for a while.  WordPress is a great blogging website, but I do find their choices of themes, rather limited.  Did you read that WordPress?  Get busy.  I’d make my own, but no one has come up with a kit yet….oh wait, yes they did, but that was blogger and I left them a couple of years ago.


Here’s a little video to see how that posts too.

7 thoughts on “Meh!

  1. I don’t like the brown background, perhaps a little pattern? A nice gold chinese theme?

    So you jackhammered your glasses right off your face? Love me

  2. If you google free wordpress themes there are thousands of cool themes, not sure if you have to have to self hosted version of wordpress to use them. That said…This dark brown is a bit hard on my eyes with the small font.

  3. Royce Yeah, I’m not so sure about the brown too….a little dark for me. Yes the protective eyeware was jacked right off my face. It was fun-ish!

    Jojo, I did the google search and even downloaded a couple. I guess I’ll still look

    VP I like it, but probably not enough to keep it.

    Cathy/Rich at least the side walk was gone…

  4. I am actually waiting for someone to come out with a 3D blog….like how Google has 3D option to view their street view maps. Boy would it ever be nice to see some cheese images pop right out at me!

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