Its a trick to get you to look at old posts

Over the past few years I think I’ve been slowly having a stroke on the left side of my body.  First it was the lower extremities that needed tidying up. I survived being cut open and having parts taken out quite well and then I was on to bigger and better things.

Things went along swimmingly for a while and I didn’t hurt myself tripping over a cat or falling down stairs.  This was a good sign that my stroke was dormant.  However shortly after Thanksgiving and a prolonged self diagnosed of “ignoring it and it will go away”  and consuming a few bottles of Ibuprofen, the achenes in the left side of my face continued to get worse.  So I went to one of my favorite places…the dentists.  Yup you guessed it, but you may have guessed wrong, I had TWO root canals.  Now that’s livin aint it?  I survived that one better than I thought possible. The stroke was dormant yet again.

Months went by and nothing happened to me, but still a very large hole was left in my world.  It wasn’t me I was worried about having a stroke. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since Rocky has died, it blows me away on a daily basis.

I must have had some sort of solar flare strike me or the stroke was coming out of hibernation.   I see things and they look logical, but what comes out of my mouth is suspect.  See for yourself in this past post.  It could have been a stroke working up to full power.

There was must have been some good health karma going on when I decided to make this change.  I haven’t been disappointed since I moved my blog to Word press.  Nope I don’t get anything in return for telling them how wonderful they are.

The stroke in a more physical form….youchie!  It’s all better now, but it was hit and miss for a while.  I had to have been under the influence of a stroke when I made this stupid decision….the left part of my brain was just not working.  I hope it’s back now.

What was I thinking getting this cat and watching  her stroke out just about every day of her almost 20 years.  I could have been wealthy in$tead.

Now this is where the stroke starts ramping up again.  My left eye had been wonky for so long I didn’t know it could be fixed.  Well, praise be to Barbie, I have nothing to bitch about when it comes to my eyesight, but it was indeed a struggle.  Don’t forget parts two…and three.

That’s bring us to my last post.  You remember…all the heads being stretched and manipulated.  Well my reoccurring-slow-moving-stroke is playing havoc with my neck and back, the left side of my neck and back…notice the pattern?  I’m going to physical therapy for the joy of it and might even get to see the inside of an MRI next week.  I hurt, and it pains me to sit up and type, so I’m going to go now.  You enjoy all those past posts.  That really was me on the rack…I figure I’ll be about 5ft 8in by the time this is all through.

5 thoughts on “Its a trick to get you to look at old posts

  1. ok – thanks for putting it together so i could get the timeline sorted out, and why you had your head in a vise this week! i’m easily confused, and the ‘rocky’ post came up as new in my google reader tonight… and i didn’t check dates.

    here’s to getting all of those nitnoids worked out of your body once and for all!

  2. After 40 its patch patch patch. MRI may or may not tell you anything. I have typed MRI’s that would make your hair stand on end and the people involved have a few ouchies. I am not a doctor I only read a lot of doctor produced stuff. You could have a pinched nerve high up C2 or C3 in which case your doc might first recommend a steroid injection into the nerve. If you see a pain management specialist try to avoid the spinal stimulator OR any kind of actual bone cutting surgery until you have investigated epidural steroid injections, nerve blocks and finally radio-frequency ablation which kills the nerve involved. Couple people at work have had the ablation and are now praising it to high heaven, but what ever works for you is best. Love, me.

  3. Your trick to get me to look at old posts worked brilliantly! Thank you for luring me to more of your witty rhetoric. I didn’t realize the health challenges you have been through. My last comment about your head rack was made without awareness. Hope your discomfort is very temporary and that the medical mystery can be readily solved.

  4. daisyfae…yeah I’m kind of weird with timelines and Rocky showed up first because I never realized I didn’t title it and it came back into reader. the head gear us quite un-kinky…dang it!

    Princess, let’s just get better together, ok?

    Royce, I heard the PT mutter something about c7…Talking with the Doc about what to do next. Time will tell.

    Stacey, health challenges, you got that right, christ I even hate writing about them, it makes me sound so old and I’m not quite ready to be old yet. No offense…hope to see you at horse shoes this week.

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