2 thoughts on “There’s a pool!

  1. Okay, where is this wonderful pool and the 86 degrees? It’s just flat COLD here. Winds, dust, mud rain. Biggest pool of water is the mud puddle in the street, or the pasture across the street being irrigated. No toys, no buckets, no sand. What are you drinking, Rum and Coke, or Pina Coloda? Rich’s beverage of choice…Harvey Wallbanger. (And I thought it was Corona.) High stakes poker, he asks? $l or $1.50? However, we still get the “tropical” sunset you get, yours is just closer to the “big pond”.

  2. We got no warm here in Coquille, either. Very wet, rain coming down in buckets, of deluge proportions, like a cow peeing on a flat rock, which bounces back up and saturates anything UNDER the rain coat!!

    Hope the pool is in Hawaii and not in your fevered imagination.

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