Sunday morning ramblin girl

It’s not even light outside yet and I have a boatload of energy.  The little clock on the computer says 4:57 am and I’ve been up nearly an hour already.  This will surely make me quite obnoxious when the rest of the house awakes, as I will already have been done with my morning rituals.  Oooo, maybe I’ll surprise them with Strawberry waffles.  Waffles. That fits into the two syllable meal category, although technically the post was about dinner.  The strawberries have been awesome lately and we can’t seem to get enough of them. Plus you can’t go wrong with whipped cream for breakfast.  And don’t forget the bacon….yummy yummy bacon.

We’re trying to plan a yard sale around all the rain.  I would rather have a garage sale, but we don’t have a garage, or a carport.  We park our cars al fresco.  Even when we did have a garage we would forget to park in it.  I know that sounds goofy, but we just weren’t in the habit and I’d had a bit of bad luck with cars/garages/ fires so I never thought about it. In fact you could say I avoided parking in the garage.

Suffice it to say the weather has been crappy. It does make working on sorting through junk a little easier, since I’m not distracted wanting to chase after butterflies in a sun soaked yard. Yesterday day Sweet Husband and Sweet Daughter cleared out the attic of 7 years worth of boxes we stored for ‘later use’.  We did find some treasures in the way of photos and memorabilia, that was fun and we’ll keep those things. But other stuff, WAY valuable and I’m sure we’ll get rich and can finally retire from the proceeds of the yard sale.  Once we can have it.

Health up date.  I had a “Epidural Steroid Injection” at the base of my neck the other day to relieve some pain.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it makes the pain go away completely so I can back to abusing my body in the way that I’ve grown accustomed.  I have one minor gripe to spout and then I’ll stop.  Granted I am not an MD of ANY sort, but I do know the history of my body quite well and what I can and can not tolerate when it comes to injections and that lot.  I am allergic to iodine so I ask in any and all procedures that iodine remains safely on the shelf and they utilize a different protocol.  This procedure was a CT guided injection and usually an iodine dye is injected ahead of time so they know where to put the good medicine and not render me immobile for the rest of my life, but accidentally puncturing my spinal cord.  thankyouverymuch!  During a discussion with the doc, he said even if he did use iodine he said I wouldn’t have a reaction.  I then told him we would never know, because I would get up and leave.  I’ve done it before and I would do it again.  I thought it was rather pompous of him, but I  kept my tongue as he was still in charge of the big scary needle.  It didn’t totally tic me off, but I thought he was a jerk about it and was exercising his need to lord his degree over me.  It’s at times like this it occurs to me that he couldn’t possibly do my job, so let’s not try to switch.

Ok, climbing down off the soap box and off to make waffles.  Don’t stop in we don’t have enough for everybody, maybe next time, ok?

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning ramblin girl

  1. Get an epipen and show it to the next jerk.
    Ooh, I think I know what I’m going to do with some left over French bread when I get home this afternoon and I have TWO slices of bacon left. Yummy!
    AND I just happen to have some raspberries macerating in some whipped cream. Left overs are awesome!!

  2. The epidural steroid injections work…for a while.
    Then it starts hurting again. Think about a pain specialist who does nerve ablations. I would you could come down here and be seen by Dr. Croson. I wonder if he could recommend anyone in the Seattle area?

  3. I hope you find some pain relief soon. And nothing is worse then a doctor who thinks they know everything about your body just because they are a doctor. I know my body. I live with it, they do not. Respect my opinion please.

    We are doing out move backwards since the house we moved into is a bit more storage-challenged. So as we unpack we are setting aside things for a garage sale.

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