Dork Factor: HIGH

click to embiggen and see the date of est. retirement.

Way back a long time ago, in fact many many years ago, Sweet Husband and Sweet Daughter and I went to the local Mega-super- huge-ass store, where everything you purchase is in increments of 250 and/or is bigger than your head.  During our shopping exhibition we purchased a very large specimen of Food-service film.  Food service film or what most households call ‘Saran’  is the thin plastic stuff you put on the bowl of mashed potatoes to protect it from whatever deadly shit resides in your fridge, so that you can eat your mashed potatoes the next day in tolerable untainted peace.  We thought it would be really cute at the time to write on the package our guesses as to when we thought the roll would ‘expire’.

Many winters, springs, summers and falls have come and gone  since that purchase.  But alas last night as I struck my pose in front of the film dispenser to unfurl a length of plastic, my desires were cut short. What I pulled from the aging dispenser was a small length of milky end-of-roll plastic, not adequate enough to cover the rice from the harms of the refrigerator.  I cried out in alarm….”who won?  I asked, to my wondering husband and daughter.  ” Won what?”  they asked together.  ” The prize for guessing how long this stuff would last?”  A few seconds went by until it registered that we had finally reached the end of our plastic wrap.  I’ll check but I don’t think anyone put plastic wrap on the shopping list yet, the shock my just be too recent

Below are the guesses that we wrote across the bottom of the plastic wrap.

Me:                             5 years

Sweet Daughter:  6.5 years

Sweet Husband:   7 years

I don’t know what he wins, but Sweet Husband was the closest with that blasted plastic lasting in our household 7+ years.  Do you think he should be penalized for being a year over?  And secondly is this the sort of thing you do in your household?  Yes the dork factor has been high around here lately. Thanks for playing…

8 thoughts on “Dork Factor: HIGH

  1. John had a bottle of shampoo from big mega warehouse store that lasted him abou 10 years. Seriously. One Bottle of Shampoo. Of course he has very short hair, and I use different (aka better) shampoo, but still 10 YEARS?

  2. Nope, I can’t think of anything purchased that lasted that long….
    Lets lift one in honor of dorkiness! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! More mead for my men!

  3. if this is dorky, then i don’t wanna be un-dorky! this is absolutely brilliant – and excactly the kind of stoopid that we like to do at my house… congratulations on keeping the game (ie: box) alive for so long!

  4. Dorky yes, but that is a good thing… simple fun is the best fun. What I am visioning is all the food dishes that mega box of wrap assisted with. A ton of yummy food safely covered and stored for later enjoyment.

  5. Kristi- I was thinking that John could even make a hotel size shampoo last 10 years.

    Royce- we haven’t decided, but we might get another roll.

    Daisy Fae- if only toilet paper would last as long.

    Jody- we are the simplest therefore we have lots of fun.

    Phil-yeah, like a car, computer,washing machine.

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