Give it a few weeks

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This week, I’m away from home at a food show in Houston. So yesterday, with a little free time, a friend and I drove from Houston to Galveston bay.  The photo, (jacked from CNN, thankyouverymuch) shows how far reaching the oil spill has/is becoming, as of June 6th.  I wanted to see first hand the gulf of Mexico as I’d only flown over previously.  I put the little arrow showing approximately  where we were, but we were actually on the land, not the middle of the water.  As you can see the oil is not near the Texas coast, yet,  but it’s coming, just give it a few weeks.    No, we saw no tarballs, or oil slicks, but what I did see was kind of sad and amazing at the same time.  There were people fishing and I was glad when they said they only caught seaweed and no fish.  I counted no less than 6 oil tankers off that coast.  On our drive back into Houston, my friend and I lost count of how many refineries there were.  The refineries look like a freakish metal forest dotting the landscape, with wisps of flaming gas shooting into the sky.  I’ll be sure to watch out for the R.O.U.S.’S .

3 thoughts on “Give it a few weeks

  1. have never been to galveston, but it’s on my list… sadly, we’re addicted to oil. nothing will change unless and until alternatives are researched and developed, and i don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

  2. Just heartbreaking what is happening, with no end in sight. That profits would over ride safety to this degree, and to see where it has gotten us… we can only hope that this wake up call actually wakes us up to developing alternatives, if this doesn’t nothing will.

  3. I think BP execs should have to live on rig for a period of six months out of each year in order to retain their jobs. Maybe do a little oil rigging work as well.
    Greedy bastids.

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